With WGA deal when will Hollywood finally get back to work

With WGA deal when will Hollywood finally get back to work On Sunday night, a tentative agreement was reached between the Writers Guild of America and the major Hollywood studios, signaling a potential resolution to a nearly five-month-long strike that has disrupted the film and TV industry.

Since May 2, the writers have been on strike, primarily demanding safeguards against the challenges posed by changes in the entertainment landscape, particularly in the realm of streaming services.

However, it’s crucial to understand that this agreement doesn’t automatically end the strike or pave the way for an immediate return to work in the entertainment industry. Here are five key points to consider regarding what happens next:

What does the agreement between WGA and AMPTP signify?

This is a proposed three-year film and TV contract agreement that incorporates significant improvements sought by screenwriters. These improvements encompass better compensation for streaming content, regulations pertaining to the use of artificial intelligence, and various protective measures.

However, it’s important to note that this agreement is still pending final approval. To come into effect, it must be endorsed by a majority of the 11,500 film and television writers who are members of the guild. Given the robust support WGA leaders have received from the rank-and-file members, ratification is anticipated. It’s worth mentioning that Guild members overwhelmingly voted in favor of granting leaders the authority to initiate the strike, which commenced on May 2.

What’s the subsequent course of action after an agreement has been established?

In a message conveyed to members on Sunday night, guild leaders announced that the WGA staff will proceed to meticulously review the contract to ensure that every detail is thoroughly examined before presenting the complete proposal to the members.

Subsequently, the union’s negotiating committee will conduct a vote to determine whether they should endorse the contract and forward it to the WGA West board and the WGA East council for their approval. These voting procedures are anticipated to occur on Tuesday.

When can writers resume their work?

WGA members may resume work before the ratification vote, but they must await the guild’s approval. The strike remains active until the guild grants permission to resume writing, though picketing will be temporarily halted.

When can we expect Hollywood to resume production?

It’s difficult to provide a specific timeline. The resumption of scripted productions won’t be immediate, mainly due to the ongoing actors’ strike that began on July 14. Additionally, numerous TV series have already faced cancellations, and film shoots have been postponed until 2024. So, it will take a considerable amount of time before production activity returns to the levels seen before the strike. As was evident during the COVID-19 lockdowns, restarting the industry is a complex process that can’t happen with the flip of a switch.

“Could this tentative agreement potentially bring an end to the actors’ strike?”

Similar to the writers, actors have emphasized their independence from other unions’ contract agreements, which is commonly referred to as pattern bargaining. Nevertheless, the tentative agreement reached by the WGA could potentially serve as a blueprint for resolving the actors’ strike. This is because it addresses many of the same issues that actors have raised, including concerns about inadequate compensation, streaming residuals, artificial intelligence, and other related matters.

SAG-AFTRA leaders and prominent actors have frequently shown their support by joining writers on picket lines, demonstrating solidarity. If the WGA deal is ratified, it may exert pressure on the 160,000-member performers union to return to negotiations with the studios. The ongoing work stoppage has been increasingly detrimental to both unemployed members and those working in below-the-line positions.

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