Winners In Paris Lyrics By Sleepy Hallow

Read Winners In Paris Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Sleepy Hallow Official Music Video Has been Release May 8, 2024 And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Winners In Paris Lyrics By Sleepy Hallow

Winners In Paris Lyrics By Sleepy Hallow

(Great John on the beat, by the way)
She over twenty-one, seen niggas in Paris
She said she—

Explanation of Intro
The mention of “Great John on the beat” credits the producer of the track, while “Satorii” could be a reference to the artist or another contributor.

Uh, she said she a savage, she over twenty-one
Seen niggas in Paris, she said she wanna come
She said she embarrassed, a new body, I bought her one
And this a Glock 17, this ain’t no water gun
She said her heart got colder, she said, “It’s over”
It’s easy when you high, it’s harder when you sober
Like, I’m just tryna hit some shit like Sammy Sosa
Hit a lick and thеn she lick me, said she comin’ ovеr

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus introduces a female character who presents herself as confident (“she said she a savage”) and experienced (“seen niggas in Paris”). She expresses a desire to be with the narrator despite feeling embarrassed about her appearance, which the narrator rectifies by buying her a new body (possibly referring to cosmetic enhancements).The citation of a Glock 17 adds a discrepancy between the durability of the situation and the narrator’s amenability to cover her.

She said, “Why you don’t show love?”
That’s hard for me ’cause I want you so much
Okay, let’s go
“Why you don’t show?”
That’s hard for me ’cause I want you so
Okay, let’s go

Explanation of Refrain
The refrain delves into the narrator’s struggle to show love or affection (“Why you don’t show love?”). Despite wanting the woman intensely, expressing love seems challenging for the narrator due to internal conflicts or past experiences.

[Verse 2]
Uh, Birkin bag, she got that, can’t go back, ayy
Ex was trash, why you mad? Girl, relax, ayy
Ooh, she bad, double tap, I want that, ayy
(Ooh, she bad, ayy, double tap, ayy)
Run up that money, you told me I’m trippin’, I told you I wanted it all
Fuck that shit, can’t trust this bitch, she really be throwin’ me off
She said, “Do you believe in God? Do you hate the law?
Are you high right now and do that new bitch turn you on?”
And I said, “Hell yeah”
Uh, she tryna—
I told her, “Hell yeah”
Can’t you tell I’m ’bout to—, I’m ’bout to—, hell yeah
Shorty asked if she could fuck, I told her, “Hell yeah”
I told her, “Hell yeah, hell yeah”
Can you stop thinkin’ for yourself? That shit affectin’ me
That shit affectin’ gang, that shit affect the team
I’m still myself, ain’t give a fuck who is acceptin’ me
She want the best for me, this what she said to me

Explanation of Verse 2
In this verse, the narrator describes the woman’s material possessions, notably a Birkin bag, symbolizing luxury and status. Despite a previous relationship being “trash,” the woman seems upset, prompting the narrator to reassure her. The narrator also reflects on the woman’s probing questions about faith, law, and magnet, affirming his interest in her(” Hell yeah”)Still, there is a sense of frustration as the narrator addresses the woman’s incapability to suppose for herself, which affects their relationship and the narrator’s identity.
These lyrics explore themes of desire, emotional complexity, materialism, and tone- mindfulness within a romantic relationship. The narrator grapples with expressing affection and navigating the complications of the woman’s personality and prospects. The chorus’s reiteration highlights the internal struggle of the narrator, torn between wanting the woman and chancing it challenging to show love. Overall, the lyrics paint a pictorial picture of a complex relationship dynamic characterized by passion, instability, and soul-searching.

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