Whoops lyrics by Meghan Trainor

Read Whoops lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Meghan Trainor Official Music Video Has been Jun. 7, 2024 And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Whoops lyrics by Meghan Trainor

Whoops lyrics by Meghan Trainor

It’s the real difference between an adult and a child
Boom, boom boom
Boom, boom boom boom boom

Explanation of Intro
The intro sets the tone, hinting at a significant difference between mature behavior and childish actions, possibly referring to the immature behavior of the partner who cheated.

Whoops, you messed up
Ran around and then you got caught
Whoops, you messed up
Now you cryin’ about what you lost
You did me dirty, hope she was worthy
You say you’re sorry, but I think what you really mean is

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus highlights the immediate aftermath of the partner’s mistake (“Whoops, you messed up”), emphasizing that the partner was caught cheating and is now facing the consequences.The storyteller focuses out the partner’s lament, recommending that their expression of remorse might not be veritable, but or maybe a reaction to getting caught and losing what they had.


[Verse 1]
We had a good thing
With cute-ass nicknames
Guess our forever (Mm)
Turned into never

Explanation of Verse 1
In the first verse, the narrator reflects on the relationship’s past, mentioning the cute nicknames and what seemed like a promising future. However, this future turned into “never” due to the partner’s actions.

And she got ’bout half
Of my looks with no class
Now you say, “Come back”
But I think what you really mean is

Explanation of  Pre- Chorus
The pre-chorus conveys the narrator’s disdain for the person the partner cheated with, criticizing her lack of class. The partner’s plea for reconciliation is dismissed as insincere.

[Verse 2]
Pictures on your phone
That’s called an uh-oh
Thought you were sneaky (Mm)
But you made it easy

Explanation of Verse 2
The second verse points out the foolishness of the partner, who was careless enough to leave incriminating evidence (“Pictures on your phone”) that led to their downfall.

Night-night, bitch, you made your bed
That’s the dumbest shit you ever did
Ever did, ever did, ayy

Explanation of Bridge
The bridge spells out “W-H-O-O-P-S,” driving home the idea that the partner’s mistake was monumental and irreversible. The storyteller states that the accomplice needs to live with the results of their activities.

Whoops, get gone
Pack it up and we done (We done)
I said whoops, get gone
That’s enough, baby, we done
I said whoops, get gone
Pack it up and we done
I said whoops, get gone (Ayy, ayy)
That’s enough, baby, we done
I said whoops

Explanation of  Post- Chorus
The post-chorus reinforces the finality of the breakup. The narrator tells the partner to leave and acknowledges that the relationship is over.
The verses express a sense of strengthening and irrevocability. The storyteller denies to require back the cheating accomplice and makes it clear that their activities have forever demolished the relationship. The repeated “Whoops” serves as a mocking reminder of the partner’s foolish mistake and the end result of their betrayal.


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