What Would Comb Do? Lyrics – Wynne


Check, check, check
I wouldn't turn it all up, just some of it
Uh, yeah, that's good


I know I'm that bitch so it's over with now, finito
I take the crown, repo
Throw in the towel, heave-ho
Ay, Dios mío
I rap to rap, you don't know what the love does to the ego
It's icing on the cake and the accolades are the maraschinos
Run it back like Teezo, touchdown, I'm beast mode
Like Marshawn, it's free smoke
I respawn, I reload
I need mo' reasons to not out all your clout tokens as placebo
They name drop, I lift names up, that's the fucking cheat code
He's from Alabama, but this pussy is his sweet home
Y'all rеlationships only last as long as your streak goes
He swing mе like Wiimote, tryna record me like TiVo
Babe, that clip could make me a million, can you quit tryna freeload?
Winner of the peer vote, a poet, I'm Cyrano
Y'all don't hear me though, I'm the CEO
It's official, oh, fasho, I've been chose
I'm not fucking 'round, I know they're worried 'bout my libido
Don't sleep anymore, I'm hungry, I don't leech anymore, I plug in
I don't reach anymore, it's coming, we don't speak anymore, we're fucking
I don't freak anymore, I'm shrugging, I don't peak anymore, I'm ducking
I'm in and out of the party, tell the Uber driver to keep it running
It's nobody like me, they come for my bars like visitations
But they don't do me well enough to call that imitation
Ask me, "Fight or flight?" Like, it depends on the situation
Look, I never run from no one, I always think I can take him
I'm Ali-olly-oxen free, show your face when you talk to me
Leave a stain on the game, call Billy Mays for the OxiClean
Talk is cheap, not for me, I rap to pay the bills
Fire in the booth, producers running safety drills
All this hate, for real? These comments don't care how they make me feel
Too much shit up on my plate for me to care and I don't waste a meal
I can't call that man a kin, like staying still, he's old news
We don't talk anymore, I post photo dumps for him to scroll through
What would Comb do? Nipples poke through, this a code blue
Big homies became little homies, it was nice to know you
I ain't gon' hold you, I'm wondering if I can love again
While I'm under him, your man here asking me if I'll cum for him
Not to rub it in, I kill flips like Pac in Above The Rim
Quit asking me when I'm gonna blow up, I can't fucking stomach it
Can't you see I'm trying? I'd kill for it, somebody dying
My drive been racking up mileage, if I had a dick, you could suck on it
I give you something to chew, your neck been under my shoe
I'm running circles 'round these kids, we're playing duck, duck, duck goose
It's weighing heavy on my chest, it's not the bra or the boobs
I'll be the greatest out of Portland if it's the last thing I do

What Would Comb Do? Lyrics – Wynne

Read the lyrics   What Would Comb Do? by Wynne. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Wynne. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  Wynne. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 14, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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