Walker Hayes Daughter Loxley Had the Best Time at Taylor Swifts Show

Walker Hayes Daughter Loxley Had the Best Time at Taylor Swifts Show Walker Hayes proudly displays his Swiftie allegiance on his latest EP, “New Money.”

The EP consists of eight tracks, with the final one aptly named “Taylor Swift.” This song documents his journey in attempting to acquire tickets for the 33-year-old singer’s highly-anticipated Eras Tour.

“In the opening verse, the 43-year-old Hayes laments, ‘Two Taylor Swift concert ticket stubs drained my wallet, more than my monthly mortgage dues. And that was just the beginning—T-shirts, sodas, and popcorn piled on the expenses. But hey, I mean, how often does your little girl turn 9?’ he croons. ‘Dave Ramsey might disapprove, but the joy of watching her idol, singing every lyric to every song, was simply priceless.'”

He persists, saying, “Up in the cheap seats, grinning as if we possess VIP access / Completely captivated, until her bedtime arrived, resembling midnight as she let out a yawn / Then, she nestled into my embrace, and she drifted away.”

The country crooner brought his daughter, Loxley, affectionately known as “Lolly” – a child he shares with his wife, Laney Beville Hayes – to enjoy Swift’s summer performance, which encompassed her many years in the limelight.

As Walker admired Lolly’s sheer delight at the Eras Tour, he also shared heartwarming glimpses of their special father-daughter connection.

In the chorus, he croons, “Who am I to cradle a genuine princess, as she peacefully slumbers, embraced by this extravagant birthday present?” he muses. “I only pray that as she matures, she’ll forever be aware that I, her mother, and the divine presence, cherish her even more deeply than her affection for Taylor Swift.”

Walker goes on to express, “As she reaches her twenty-second year, and I mark my fifty-sixth, may she recall me when Taylor Swift’s melodies grace her ears.”

In June, Walker initially gave a sneak peek of his upcoming track titled “Taylor Swift” by performing an acoustic version alongside Lolly for his Instagram followers. He shared a video of their performance in their kitchen, captioning it with, “Lolly’s new favorite song. Let me tell you a true story.”

To build anticipation for the release of “Taylor Swift” on Friday, September 29, Walker posted a video on his Instagram Story featuring Taylor Swift cheering for her rumored boyfriend, Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs. In the same post, he included a button that directed users to listen to “Taylor Swift” on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

Walker and Laney, who originally met during a school production of “Little Shop of Horrors” when they were high school sweethearts, became husband and wife in 2004. Since then, the “Fancy Like” singer and Laney have welcomed six children: Lela, Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Loxley, and Everly. Sadly, the couple faced the loss of their seventh child, daughter Oakleigh, in June 2018 due to a stillbirth.

“Who am I to cradle a genuine princess, as she peacefully dreams through her birthday present, a tad extravagant? I only wish that as she grows, she’ll forever recognize that both her mother, and even Jesus himself, cherish her more than her adoration for Taylor Swift.”

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