VUELVE CANDY B Lyrics – Bad Bunny [English]

VUELVE CANDY B Lyrics – Bad Bunny [English]

Read the lyrics VUELVE CANDY B Lyrics – Bad Bunny [English].Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Bad Bunny.Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On oct 14, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.


Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
I’m Expensive And The Whole World Loves Me, Bastard, I’m Like A Frenchie
The Babies Love Me, I Buy Them Purses, I Don’t Buy Hershey (Mua)
A Lot Of Dior, Gucci, A Lot Of Givenchy, Eh-eh



Don’t You See, Bastard? ‘toy Burla’o, Burla’o, Hahaha
Dead And Laughter, I’m Burla’o (Burla’o)
I Feel Alone Sometimes, I Don’t Have Anyone Around
I’ve Been At The Top For Five Years Like Tim Duncan, Postea’o
I’m Going For It, Bastard, In Casa De Campo, Perico Ripea’o
Burla’o, Hahaha
Dead And Laughter, I’m Burla’o (Burla’o)
They Dress Oversize, But They’re Tight With Me (Hey)
I’ve Been At The Top For Five Years Like Tim Duncan, Postea’o, Hey
But Nobody Knew And Everyone Said (Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!)

“Who Is Bad Bunny?”, Like: “Who Is Dei V?” (Wuh)
Now I Ride In The Navy Blue G-wagon (Yeah)
Eating Sushi, Drinking Sake With The Baby
Since Messi (Messi)
It’s In The Usa To’ The World Knows Who The Goat Is,
It’s No Longer Tom Brady, Hey
La Ganga Latina, A Couple Of Bastards
Who Still Don’t Believe Me (Fu*k You)
I’m With Adidas, The Bad Bu, Bastard,
I Already Thrown Out All The Bred (Hehe)
I Told You A Long Time Ago With Arca, I’m Already Used To It (Prra)
The Industry Bores Me, I Swear I’ll Retire At 33 (Easy)
How Beautiful Life, Let’s Make A Toast
You ‘buying Clothing’, I Buying Building
The Crazy Old Ladies With Me As If I Were Wilkin (Ah-ah)
Toa’ Las Babie’ Chapi
Hey, Asking Me Chavo’, Asking Me Birkin (Hey, Hey)
In El Toto They Have Piercing (Piercing)
Patience With Orma, In The Skyline Andamo’ Racin’ (Skrr)
Making Money We’re Busy (Chin-chin-chin)
I’m Not Going To Meet Up, Bastard, Calling Nisi’s Baby
It’s Possible, But It’s Difficult

It’s Easy For Me (Hey!), I’m Mocking, Mocking, Hahaha (Wuh, Wuh, Wuh)
Dead ‘e Laughter, I’m Mocked (Wuh; Uh)
I Feel Alone Sometimes, I Have No One Near Me
I’ve Been At The Top For Five Years Like Tim Duncan, Postea’o, Hey
I’m Going For It, Bastard, In Casa De Campo, Perico Ripea’o
Burlao’o, Hahaha
Dead And Laughter, I’m Burla’o (I’m Burla’o!; Burla’o)
In The Red Bull Cart I Got Ala’, I’m Vola’o (Whew!; Vola’o)
I Walk With The Same Ones I Walked With When I Was Pela’o
You Don’t Have To Snore, Mommy, Heh, Don’t Be Caripela’o

Hey, I Come From Pr, Where The Real Bichota Are From
What A Coincidence, Those Who Become
More Street Always Come Out Chota’
Cabrone’ Who Criticize My Life And
Don’t Travel More Than My Pet (Prr), Eh-eh (Hey, Hey, Hey!)
That’s Why I Follow The Advice
What My Grandfather Gave Me, What He Gave Me Al Pacino
Life Is Easier Eating Rigatoni And Drinking Wine
A Little Time In France, Watching The Morning With A Cappuccino (Uh-uh)
To Those Who Believed Since Day One, Thank You, Greetings To Pino
Pa’ Hero, Pa’ Coco, Pa’ John And Pa’ Andino (Yumi!)
Thank You, Father God, For The Good People Placed In My Path (Thank You)
He Who Has Billboard Does Not Have Grammy
He Who Has Grammy Does Not Have Billboard
Look At My Trophy Case, How I Combine Them
In My Combo To’s Son Fino’ Like The Violine’
Yours Leave The Room The Day Your Movie Ends (-mine)
Mine’ They Stay Until God Teach Us The Credits’
Legend Like The Sun, Yes, Like The Sun Of Mexico (Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!)
When Curry Didn’t Exist (Uh!), Casiano Already Put Them In (Brr)
Easy From The Logo, Many Who Said They Didn’t Believe In Me (No!)
Poor Demagogue, Bastard, You Are Crazy
How Are You Going To Doubt About
The Biggest Bastard Who Puts Him In? (You Are Crazy, Bastard)
Four In The Morning In The Studio With Beto And Cachete (Hey, Hey, Hey)
Nine Digits’ Now They’re Checks’ (Yes)
The Whores Asking Me For Strong, Ticket’
I Like The Blonde’, Also The Brunnette’
Crazy About Bori, They Like Piquete (Mommy)
Hey, Long Live Pr, I Won’t Let Go Of The Machete
I’m Candy B Is Back, But Without A Rider


Album: nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana
Band/Singer: Bad Bunny
Lead Vocals: Bad Bunny
Written By: Bad Bunny
Music Produced By: MAG, La Paciencia, Aidan J Cullen & Mick Coogan
Music Label: Rimas Music
Featuring Artist: Bad Bunny
Release Date:
October 13, 2023


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