Trendsetter lYRICS by Connor Price & Haviah Mighty

Read the LYRICS Trendsetter lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Connor Price & Haviah Mighty It Official Music Video Has been Release By Nov. 3, 2023 Day And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Trendsetter lYRICS by Connor Price & Haviah Mighty

Trendsetter lYRICS by Connor Price & Haviah Mighty

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Explanation of Intro
The song starts with an intriguing introduction, hinting at something that’s hard to reach, which sets the mood for what follows.

[Chorus: Connor Price]
Yeah, trendsetter, woah
League of my own, it don’t get better, no
Read what I wrote, I’m a bestseller, yeah
Reach for my goals, hit it dead center
Hit it dead center

Explanation of Chorus
Connor Price asserts himself as a trendsetter, emphasizing his unique position and achievements.The lyric begins with an arresting proem, hinting an inaccessible quality, setting the tone for what is to come.

[Verse 1: Connor Price]
Bullseye, hit it the most, therе’s no misses
Something like fish in a barrеl, it’s no different
Blindfold on me, I still got the most vision
Trendsetter, told ’em before but they don’t listen (Ay)
Batter better, bring a better bat because I’m bigger, better
Solo singles, selling several shows out every single second
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
Connor came and crushed the competition
Hope they get the message
Living it fast, been in my Eminem bag
I never go slow
Thinking I’ll crash, end up a thing in the past
They know I won’t though
Big fish catching me, they gon’ need a bigger boat
Ironic how the world stops when I spin a globe (Spin a globe)

Explanation of Verse 1
Price continues to assert his dominance, likening his success to hitting a bullseye with every endeavor.He confidently navigates obstacles, asserting to own odd vision and setting trends that others fail to fete . He challenges his challengers to bring their stylish but remains confident in his faculties to better them.

[Pre-Chorus: Connor Price]
Always showing up (Right)
Last year’s songs still holding up (Uh-uh)
See the name now and they know what’s up (Right)
Price hit the top and it’s going up (Yeah, ay, woah, uh)

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
Connor Price reflects on his consistent success, noting that his past accomplishments continue to resonate.

[Verse 2: Haviah Mighty]
(Yeah) B-O-D
Get the spell checker, fact check and prevent errors
Going up, see the bent lever
Jalapeño hot, y’all just red peppers
All y’all carbon copies but I’m left center (Yeah)
And your shorty glitching on me like a tech center
Hit her with a French tenor
Crazy, wait until I do the next record, I’ll leave heads severed
I don’t need to hit the bench ever (No)
But if I do, I’m PR’ing to the next level
Condor flights to Lufthansa
Already know who you people fans of
Call me big daddy in a big body wrangler
Call me big daddy, Adam Sandler
Bullseye, aiming for a cottage with a poolside
Full size (But I can’t swim, though)

Explanation of Verse 2
Haviah Mighty joins the narrative, adding her unique perspective to the song. She plays with lingo, feeing wordplay and conceits to convey her prowess and originality. She confidently asserts her selfhood in a ocean of imitators, leaving a lasting print with her distinct style.

[Chorus: Connor Price]
I’m a trendsetter (Woo, trendsetter), woah
League of my own, it don’t get better (It don’t get better), no
Read what I wrote, I’m a bestseller (Bestseller), yeah
Reach for my goals, hit it dead center (What?)
Hit it dead center

Explanation of Chorus
The glee club repeats the chorus, showing their support for Price being a trendsetter and emphasizing his unique choice to excel in his challenges.
The song “Trendsetter” is all about confidence and determination, celebrating individuality and the determined pursuit of success. Connor Price and Haviah Mighty share their talents and determination to make a lasting impression in their respective areas. The song shows how important it is to have strong character and unwavering determination to overcome obstacles and set new standards of excellence.

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