Too Good to be True Lyrics by Kacey Musgraves

Read Too Good to be True Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Kacey Musgraves, Daniel Tashian, Ian Fitchuk & Anna Nalick. It Official Music Video Has been Release Feb. 29, 2024 Day And Presen On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Introducing “Too Good to be True” by Kacey Musgraves, Daniel Tashian, Ian Fitchuk, and Anna Nalick. Discharged with an official music video on February 29, 2024, this melody investigates subjects of cherish, defenselessness, and cautious good faith. Plunge into the sincere verses over for a see into this captivating tune.

Too Good to be True Lyrics by Kacey Musgraves

Too Good to be True Lyrics by Kacey Musgraves


[Verse 1]
Made some breakfast, made some love
This is what dreams are made of
On a cloudy Monday morning
Summer’s gone and you’re still here
For both of us, it’s been a year
A tidal wave without a warning

Explanation of  Verse 1
The speaker describes a scene of domesticity and intimacy, making breakfast and sharing love with their partner. Despite the pleasant atmosphere, there’s a sense of uncertainty lingering beneath the surface, symbolized by the metaphor of a cloudy Monday morning and the mention of summer’s end. The line “A tidal wave without a warning” suggests unexpected challenges or changes that have impacted their relationship.

Please don’t make me regret
Openin’ up that part of myself
That I’ve been scared to give again
Be good to me and I’ll be good to you
But please don’t be too good to be true

Explanation of  Chorus
Here, the speaker expresses their fear of opening up emotionally again, likely due to past experiences that have left them feeling vulnerable or hurt. They plead with their partner to treat them well and reciprocate the care and affection they offer, but they also acknowledge their fear of being deceived or let down (“please don’t be too good to be true”).

[Verse 2]
In my mind, we’re in New York
You had never been before
But, baby, now it’s our town
I’ll admit that I’m in deep
That I don’t know how еlse to be
And I don’t wanna slow down

Explanation of  Verse 2
The scene shifts to New York City, where the speaker imagines sharing new experiences with their partner. Despite their deepening feelings (“I’m in deep”), they are uncertain about the future and hesitant to lose the momentum of their relationship by slowing down.

Oh, mm
Ooh, mm

Explanation of  Bridge
This section is more abstract, with vocalizations (“Oh, mm, Ooh, mm”) conveying emotion without specific lyrics.

Made some breakfast, made some love
If this is what dreams are made of
Please don’t wake me

Explanation of  Outro
The tune concludes with a reiteration of the opening scene, fortifying the dreamlike quality of the minute. The speaker expresses a desire to remain in this blissful state and not be jolted back to reality (“Please don’t wake me”).
The verses capture the pressure between the want for cherish and association and the fear of powerlessness and potential shock. The speaker yearns for a satisfying relationship but is watchful of being harmed once more, trusting for consolation and realness from their accomplice.


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