Times Like These lYRICS. by Five Finger Death Punch

Read the LYRICS Times Like These lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Zoltan Bathory, Ivan Moody & Kevin Churk It Official Music Video Has been Release Jul. 8, 2022 And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

“Times Like These” is a poignant song with classy lyrics crafted by the talented trio of Zoltan Bathory, Ivan Moody, and Kevin Churko. Released on July 8, 2022, with an official music video available on YouTube, the song captures universal themes of struggle and the quest for solace in challenging times.

Times Like These lYRICS. by Five Finger Death Punch

Times Like These lYRICS. by Five Finger Death Punch

[Verse 1]
It’s nights like this under a harvest moon
It came too fast, and it’s gone too soon
A wilted rose and a frozen tomb
A memory for the wind, anyway

Explanation of Verse 1
Describes a moment under a harvest moon, symbolizing a fleeting and transient experience.The imagery of a wilted rose and a frozen grave evokes motifs of decay and transience.

[Verse 2]
Has anybody noticed that the sky is falling?
Are we all just happy in the rain?
Am I the only one who hears the sirens calling?
Am I the only one who feels the pain?

Explanation of Verse 2
Questions whether others are aware of impending danger or if they are content to ignore it.The citation of femmes fatales and pain suggests a sense of urgency and coming boiling point.

It’s times like these
When the sorrow shadows all the laughter
Times like these
When the hurt goes on and on forever
Times like these
I wanna fade away

Explanation of Chorus
Expresses the overwhelming sorrow that sometimes eclipses moments of joy and happiness.The redo of” times like these” emphasizes the drift of delicate times and the desire to escape from them.

[Verse 3]
I read all the pages from left to right
I took one in the morning and one at night
A fire still burns, but it’s cold inside
It’s all that I can do, anyway

Explanation of Verse 3
Describes a futile attempt to find solace or answers through reading and medication. The image of a fire burning cold inside suggests emotional numbness or emptiness.

[Verse 4]
No one wants to talk about the end is coming
Pointing fingers, handing out the blame
If I gave you answers to all your questions
Could you change or would you stay the same?

Explanation of Verse 4
Reflects on avoidance and denial in the face of impending doom. Questions whether people would change their ways if given the opportunity or continue down a destructive path.

Fade away
Fade away

Explanation of Tag
Reiterates the desire to fade away or escape from the pain and difficulties of life.

Times like these (These)
I wanna fade away (Fade away)
In times like these (Like these)
Times like these

Explanation of Bridge
Echoes the sentiment of wanting to fade away during difficult times.

It’s times like these (Like these)
I wanna fade away (Fade away)
It’s time like these (Like these)
In times like these

Explanation of outro
Repeats the desire to fade away in times of hardship.
The lyric draw a universal fight and the craving for relief during tough times.

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