THUNDER Y LIGHTNING Lyrics – Bad Bunny [English]

Your Desire Is To Do It Like Eladio
I Just Wanted To Be Stable, Not A Millionaire
But Since I Am, I’m Going To Spend It However I Fu*king Want
Sol María’s Son, Octavio’s Grandson
My Children Are Legends, That’s Hereditary
It’s Us, Fu*k The Opposites’
They Never Go Out With Me, Eddie Dee With The Diary
Emes Grande’ On My Account, Super Mario
To Achieve It We Did What Was Necessary
I Don’t Have A Single Day Off On My Calendar
And Much Less Time For You In My Schedule

No No
They Say God’s Timing Is Perfect
Bastard, I’m Here Because It Had To Happen
Joseando Every Day, Working With Cojone,
Nothing Was Random Here
Hey, There Are Some Who Want Me Dead,
They See Me From The Front And Come To Hug Me
In War With Warning, They Say That People Don’t Die
That’s Why They’re Not Going To Warn, No

Thunder, Lightning (Wuh), Mask’o, We’ll Leave You In Parking (Grr, Paw!)
Yeah, Two Hundred Thousand Just In A Chanting (Hey, B!tch)
Yeah, On Top Of The Bales Doing Planking (Mula!)
Here We Are Much Like The Vikings (Hey, Hey, Hey)
Thunder, Lightning (Wuh), Masked, We’ll Leave You In Parking (Prr)
The Vip Has A Model, It Looks Like A Casting (Hey), Heh
I Took Me To Do’ Que Chingando Son A Tag Team (Paw, Paw)
And One For Me, One For Ela, Hey, Hey (Wuh!)

Benji, Franklin (Mule!), Aston Martin (Damn)
I’m Balling (Wuh), Luka, Spalding (Uh)
Poli (Wuh; Prr!), Shh, Warning
Code Barney, Combi Marni (Prru!)
Messi (Messi), Hat-trick (Hat-trick), Star (Ah), Patrick
Lambo (Lambo) Urus (Urus) Automatic (Ja)
Young Legend, Nas, Illmatic (Prr!)
Bad Bu, Ela, You Ain’t Listening To Anyone (Hey, Hey, Hey)
Playing In To’ Los Botecito’ In Formetera (Wuh)
And In The Carts’ In Santurce And In Cantera (Ah)
You Release A Record, Hehe, Nobody Finds Out (No!)
I Take Mine Out And The Whole People See It (Hey, Hey, Hey, B!tch!)



All My Verses Are Good, But My Bars Are Not Kindergarten (Wuh)
Cold Wherever I Step, For Me All Year And Winter (Cold)
In Los Ángele’ With A Couple Of Ángele’ Riding The Sprinter (Skrrt-skrtt)
Green And Yellow Lamborghini Like The Inter (Prr!)
The Firefighters Don’t Want Me To Step In The Studio (Fire)
The Cabin On Fire Solo With An Interlude (Damn)
Harley Brothers, Shaq And Kobe, Beno And Eladio (Wuh)
Palo Asegura’o, Like Vladi In Ontario (Hey)

Palo Asegura’o Like Mike Trout In The Angels
Like Igor For The Time-Times Of The Rangers (Wuh!)
Kendo 2012, I Take It Out And It Sounds Danger (Ha!)
Turn On The Auto-tune That’s Going To Detonate (Hey, Hey, Hey)
Your Last Tour Was A School Tour
Patronal Festival, Who Is Going To Dethrone Me?
Thunder And Lightning If We Go Out On The Street (Rrr!)
The Weather Changes, It’s Going To Thunder,
Hey, Hey (Paw, Paw, Paw, Paw, Paw)

Thunder, Lightning (Wuh!), Mascara’o, We’ll Leave You In Parking (Grr, Paw!)
Yeah, Two Hundred Thousand Just In A Chanting (Hey, B!tch)
Yeah, On Top Of The Bales Doing Planking (Mula!)
Here We Are Much Like The Vikings (Ah)
Hey, Hey, Thunder, Lightning, Yo Soy Un Astro, Ricky Martin
You’ve Seen Me, All My Tracks Are Charting
You’ve Seen Me, I’m Always With The Same People
While You Are Friends Of Everyone Like Balvin


Album: nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana
Band/Singer: Bad Bunny
Lead Vocals: Bad Bunny & Eladio Carrión
Written By: Bad Bunny & Eladio Carrión
Music Produced By: MAG & La Paciencia
Music Label: Rimas Music
Featuring Artist: Bad Bunny
Release Date:
October 13, 2023

THUNDER Y LIGHTNING Lyrics – Bad Bunny [English]

Read the lyrics THUNDER Y LIGHTNING Lyrics – Bad Bunny [English]. Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Bad Bunny. Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On oct 13, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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