THE DINER lyrics by illie Eilish & FINNEAS

Read THE DINER lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By illie Eilish & FINNEAS Official Music Video Has been Release May. 17, 2024 And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

THE DINER lyrics by illie Eilish & FINNEAS

THE DINER lyrics by illie Eilish & FINNEAS

Don’t be afraid of me
I’m what you need

Explanation of Intro
The introduction sets a foreboding tone, with the admirer trying to reassure the object of their obsession that they are “what you need,” despite their intrusive actions.

[Verse 1]
I saw you on the screens
I know we’re meant to be
You’re starrin’ in my dreams
In magazines
You’re lookin’ right at me (You’re lookin’ right at me)
I’m here around the clock
I’m waitin’ on your block (I’m waitin’ on your block)
But please don’t call the cops
They’ll make me stop
And I just wanna talk (I just wanna talk)

Explanation of Verse 1
The first verse describes the admirer seeing their obsession on screens and in dreams, suggesting a celebrity or someone they view from afar. They are convinced of a destined connection, despite this being a one-sided fantasy. The admirer stalks the individual, holding up exterior their domestic, and communicates a fear of being halted by the police, emphasizing their need of boundaries and regard for individual space.


Bet I could change your life
You could be my wife (Wife, wife)
Could get into a fight (Fight)
I’ll say, “You’re right”
And you’ll kiss me goodnight

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
In the pre-chorus, the admirer fantasizes about a romantic relationship, imagining scenarios where they change the person’s life, get married, and resolve conflicts easily. This outlines their silly conviction in a non-existent relationship.

I waited on the corner ’til I saw the sitter leave
Was easy getting over and I landed on my feet
I came in through the kitchen lookin’ for something to eat
I left a calling card so they would know that it was me

Explanation of  Chorus
The chorus recounts an incident where the admirer sneaks into the person’s home after seeing a babysitter leave. They gloat around their stealth and take off a “calling card,” a signature move to guarantee the individual knows they were there, advance emphasizing their fixation and need of regard for security.

(Ah, ah, ah)

Explanation of Post-Chorus
The post-chorus consists of non-verbal sounds (ah, ah, ah), adding to the eerie and obsessive tone of the song.

[Verse 2]
I tried to save you, but I failed
Two fifty thousand dollar bail (Two hundred fifty thousand dollar)
While I’m away, don’t read my mail (Don’t read my mail)
Just bring a veil (Just bring a veil)
And come visit me in jail (Visit me in jail)

Explanation of Verse 2
In the second verse, the admirer mentions a failed attempt to “save” the person, which resulted in a high bail. This demonstrates a past capture, strengthening their criminal behavior. They inquire the individual to visit them in imprison, appearing a proceeded silly conviction in their association.

I’ll go back to the diner
I’ll write another letter (I’ll write another letter)
I hope you’ll read it this time
You better

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
The admirer expresses a desire to communicate through letters, hoping for a response, and indicating a persistent, albeit misguided, effort to establish contact.

The cops around the corner stopped me when I tried to leave
They told me I was crazy and they knocked me off my feet (They told me I was crazy)
They came in through the kitchen lookin’ for something discrete
I left a calling card so they would know that it was me

Explanation of  Chorus
The chorus is repeated with a slight variation, describing an encounter with the police who arrest the admirer.The admirer proceeds their interruption by taking off a calling card, keeping up their daydream of a noteworthy association.

(Ah, ah, know that it was me)

Explanation of Post-Chorus
The post-chorus repeats, maintaining the song’s haunting atmosphere.

I memorized your number, now I call you when I please
I tried to end it all, but now I’m back up on my feet
I saw you in the car with someone else and couldn’t sleep
If somethin’ happens to him, you can bet that it was me

Explanation of Bridge
The bridge digs more profound into the admirer’s fanatical behavior.They have memorized the person’s phone number and call them at will. After a failed suicide attempt, they obsess over seeing the person with someone else, hinting at potential harm to this other individual.


Explanation of Outro
The outro lists a phone number repeatedly, possibly the memorized number of the obsession, emphasizing the stalker’s fixation and intrusive behavior.
The melody describes the aggravating story of an fanatical and fanciful admirer who crosses boundaries and locks in in criminal exercises, driven by an undesirable obsession on somebody they idealize. The verses paint a chilling picture of fixation and the perils of such extraordinary behavior.

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