The Challenge USAs Michele Fitzgerald Says She and Amanda Garcia Are Never Going to Be Friends

The Challenge USAs Michele Fitzgerald Says She and Amanda Garcia Are Never Going to Be Friends

The Challenge USAs Michele Fitzgerald Says She and Amanda Garcia Are Never Going to Be Friends 

Michele Fitzgerald from The Challenge: USA doesn’t have any intentions of reconciling with her co-star Amanda Garcia following their intense argument earlier in the season.

“I don’t anticipate us having any conversations beyond the scope of the game. While in the game, I do acknowledge her role as a mother and occasionally inquire about how her son Avonni is doing – keeping it cordial,” Michele, 33, revealed exclusively to Us Weekly on October 3rd. “However, we’re like apples and oranges, destined to remain acquaintances rather than friends.”

Before her elimination on the October 5th episode of The Challenge: USA, Michele found herself in a heated confrontation with Amanda during episode 2, which aired back in August. “I know you had a hand in steering this vote, Amanda. Screw you,” Michele angrily declared after receiving three votes for elimination. In response, Amanda defiantly challenged her, saying, “Prove it, you know what, prove it.”

Fortunately for Michele, she managed to survive the elimination by defeating Ameerah Jones in the Arena. However, her ongoing feud with Amanda persisted within the house. During their argument, Amanda brought up their shared history with fellow competitor Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat. Amanda and Fessy had a brief romantic involvement in 2021, the same year that rumors of romance between Fessy and Michele began to circulate after their connection on The Challenge: Lies, Spies and Allies.

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Amanda remarked, “You were quite dominant out there in the Arena; let’s see that same assertiveness in here.”

“I understand Fessy’s choice to drop you when he saw me, and I’m sorry if you resent me for it,” Amanda added.

Michele responded with a critical tone, saying, “You seem to be fixated on Fessy, Amanda. It’s a bit petty, don’t you think?”

Speaking to Us, Michele expressed her belief that Amanda thrived on drama. “It appears that Amanda often does things for the sake of creating a stir. She seems to relish conflicts with others,” Michele commented. “I suppose she believes it helps secure her spot for future seasons.”

Apart from her feud with Amanda, the Survivor alum also clashed with Michaela Bradshaw during her final episode of the season.

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Michele shared with Us that the intense confrontation lasted for about 45 minutes. During this heated exchange, Michaela, aged 32, accused Michele of “unraveling” and critiqued her gameplay. The conflict arose when Michele went against Michaela, Desi Williams, and Chanelle Howell, breaking their alliance by voting to protect Tori Deal from elimination.

Michele elaborated, saying, “I tend to approach the game from a highly social and emotional perspective, while Michaela is known for her logical and emotionless gameplay. It’s challenging for her to comprehend my style of play, just as it is for me to grasp hers. Given our extended attempt to work together, tensions inevitably built up until they reached a breaking point.”

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