THank god 4 me Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

Read THank god 4 me Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By ScHoolboy Q, Derrick Robert Ordogne, Dion Norman, J.LBS, Juicy J, Kal Banx, DJ Paul & Too $hort. It Official Music Video Has been Release Mar. 1, 2024 Day And Presen On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

THank god 4 me Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

THank god 4 me Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

What’s going on?
Hey, hey
Okay, what’s going on?
Okay, what’s going on?
Ayy, ayy

Explanation of Intro
The intro sets the stage with a questioning tone, asking what’s going on.

[Verse 1]
I swear to God my whole thang been wicked
Tried to keep the peace but all I piece around is bitches (Bitches, uh-oh)
I see the topic now ’bout everything is snitchin’
If it’s allegations you snitchin’, then I promise, nigga (Su, su, suu)
(Hold on)

Explanation of Verse 1
The first verse touches on themes of betrayal, deception, and navigating difficult situations. The speaker notices attempting to keep up peace but experiencing challenges with connections, especially with ladies. There’s a mention of dealing with snitches and facing allegations.

Thank God for me, all my bitches gon’ lie for me (Suu, suu, suu)
Thank God for me, lil’ G-Wag’ and that Tesla Jeep (Suu)
Thank God for me, all my niggas gon’ slide for me (Shh)
All my niggas gon’ “Shh” for me (Shh)

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus expresses gratitude for the speaker’s friends and associates who support him and keep secrets for him. The specify of a G-Wagon and a Tesla Jeep proposes the speaker’s victory and fabric belonging.

[Verse 2]
Nigga, go to Hell, you went fed’ (Ayy)
The white bitch do what I said (Ayy)
You rap niggas stay on your period (Okay, okay, suu)
The truth been coming out fierce (Ayy)
My neck piece looking like Paris
The Maybach, me and her married
I look down, nigga, that’s scary (Ayy)
The rat tails need to get buried
You hanging on to it, now, barely
Move on, nigga, that’s clarity
Came home, nigga, that’s scandalous
Caught red-handed on candid (Ayy) bitch-ass nigga, you fancy
IG lookin’ like Bambi
Real life, nigga, no Grammys
Big watch, nigga, it’s glossy
Quick flex, gotta get off me (Yeah)
Get back, nigga, you awful (Huh!)
Shoe shine, nigga, keep dancing
Catalog really extensive
Big fee’s, one of my features (Mine?)
No cheese, one of my secrets (Oh!)
Blue lips, really, I’m speechless (Uh, uh)
What’s going on? (What going on? Huh?)
Shit gettin’ tricky out here, my nigga, what’s going on? (Suu)
He tellin’, he tellin’, he tellin’, he tellin’, who tellin?
What’s goin’ on? (’86)
Man, it was supposed to be a secret, my–
On God, you niggas lame (On God)
On God, you niggas shady (On God)
On God, you niggas AIDS
I’ma fuck who I want, on God
With a ho’ right now, on God (On God)
I’ma fuck her in the face, on God
The American dream, hoorah (‘Rah)
Why these police-ass niggas going live?
He live? We slide (Oh my) we slide (Ayy)
Fuck her in the face, hoorah (‘Rah)
I done ran from the porch, just vibes (Vibes)
Heard a real ass nigga won’t die (Won’t die)
Shit, a legend like me can’t die (Die)
I’m alive, who lie? (Suu, lie)
I’ve been popping this shit since nine (Nine)
Few times, more times (Ah)
If I go out right now, I’m fine (I’m fine)
If I die right now, I’m fine
Where the mirror at, hoe? I’m fine (Ayy)
Got a bucket at home, still mine (Mine)
Got the same lil’ ‘Rari that climbs (Yay)
I shine, big time (Yeah, yeah)
Boy, you gotta catch up, you blind (Blind)
Got a girl, dark skin, she fine (Fine)
Okay, rewind (That’s mine)
Got a new lil’ thang that grind (That grind)
Got her best friend with her, that’s mine (Suu)
Uh-uh, keep tryin’ (Keep tryin’)
If you couldn’t do the work, why sign? (Why sign)
Want the money or you wanna inspire? (‘Spire, life)
‘Cause the same old cryin’ get tired (Tired)
You liar, you fired (Suu, fired)
The bullshit we on, the chain on neon
The frostbite on my wrist you cling on
The dead weight on my back, just get on (Suu)
I tongue kiss syrup, bring the white hoe Deleon
I put gold seats in the house just to pee on
I used to be on Percs, Xanax, that was kudos
The money got too big, cash on sumo (Huh, huh)

Explanation of Verse 2
In the second verse, the speaker addresses various topics including dealing with betrayal, luxury items, and his lifestyle. There’s mention of violence, material wealth, and flexing on social media

Check it, yeah
Check it, check it
Check it, yeah

Explanation of Outro
The outro seems to serve as a transition or conclusion to the song, with the speaker reiterating certain phrases and expressing confidence.
The tune talks approximately being steadfast and honest, managing with disloyalty, and remaining genuine to oneself, all whereas appearing off victory within the music world.

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