Tell më Lyrics by Yeat

Read Tell më Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Yeat, Synthetic, Farsight, Radiate, LRBG & Perdu. It Official Music Video Has been Release Feb. 16, 2024 Day And Presen On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Introducing “Tell më,” a compelling track with classy lyrics penned by Yeat, Synthetic, Farsight, Radiate, LRBG, and Perdu. Released on February 16, 2024, the official music video is now available on YouTube. Delve into the captivating narrative conveyed through these evocative verses

Tell më Lyrics by Yeat

Tell më Lyrics by Yeat

Flyin’ ’round the world (Woah-ah), married to the game
Picture to a frame, yeah, I ain’t gon’ change
Tell me what else, tell me a tale
It’s easier to scream, I’ll send ya straight to hell
I love Hell, Hell on earth
It’s a burnt smell (Yeah), as far as I can tell (Woah)
Get deeper than a well (Woah-ah)
I don’t wish you well, yeah, I don’t give a fuck
Yeah, richer than the world
Got this new kind of money
You should see these new bills
You wouldn’t know any better
I just put it all together, send a note to a letter
Write my sins off, yeah, no blood better
Turn the wheel to the left, right, not better
Go and be a fake bitch, yeah, being real’s not better
I can tell a couple lies, yeah, and you can’t tell I mislead ’em
Look me in the eyes, don’t tell me what you see
And I ran up then tweaked, and knock ya off ya feet
I been out for weeks, it get easier for me
But don’t tell me, “Go help yourself”, you can go and die
Do what you want, I won’t hold a gun (I won’t hold a grudge)
But imagine me there with a dead-blank stare (Yeah)
I was tryna warn you, but it seem like you don’t care
And it’s fine, that’s fair, yeah, I would never care
I don’t need to see, yeah, I don’t need to hear
I don’t wanna talk to you, yeah, I don’t want you near
I never would care, you said, “Life ain’t fair”
It’s fair enough to me, I’ma let you feel free (Yeah)
And I do it better, so I know that you could fail (Yeah)
I do it for me, I’on do it for you (Ooh), and it’s cool
Lotta baggage to unpack, and it’s cool
I can’t go back on my word ’cause that’d be rude
Yeah, I like bein’ disrespectful and that’s cool
I’ma break you apart and feed the fish for food
We live in the dark, live on the moon
I guess two-zero-nine-three is not for you (You, you, you, you)

Explanation of Verse
The verse begins with the speaker boasting about their lifestyle and indifference to others’ opinions. They express a adore for chaos and a neglect for ordinary ethical quality.In spite of notices, they stay unrepentant and withdrawn from the results of their activities.

(The only thing I need from ya)
(Instead of tellin’ me things)
(I wish you would feel like me)
(I wish you could see like me)
(And there’s more to life than that)
(And there’s more to life than this)
(And I’ll tell you that now)
(Now I want you to fear)
(Everything’s near)

Explanation of Bridge
In any case, they recognize that their viewpoint may be as well complex for others to comprehend. The speaker communicates a want for fear and regard from those around them.

Eat a organ, you live forever
Yeah, I was born to live forever
Don’t you feel good? You say you feel good
(Good) I’ma let you cry (Good, good)
I’ma let you die
You know the ship’s tight
And it’s more than just me
It’s more that you see
And it’s more that you feel
Pay more just to feel
Clinging on the sheets, fallin’ down for weeks
History repeats

Explanation of Outro
The outro continues the theme of detachment and superiority, with the speaker suggesting a disregard for mortality and a desire for eternal life. They reject others’ feelings and cling to their claim sense of control and control.
In simple terms, the song is about someone who enjoys going against the rules and keeping themselves apart from others. They feel superior and powerful, showing they’re in control of everything.

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