Team ceo Lyrics by Yeat

Read Team ceo Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Yeat, Outtatown, Sim Fane & ​star boy. It Official Music Video Has been Release Feb. 16, 2024 Day And Presen On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

The lyrics of “Team CEO” were crafted by Yeat, Outtatown, Sim Fane, and Star Boy. The official music video premiered on YouTube on February 16, 2024. In easier terms, the tune portrays the way of life and mentality of a bunch of fruitful people, conceivably highlighting their administration parts and accomplishments.

Team ceo Lyrics by Yeat

Team ceo Lyrics by Yeat

It’s 2093 on ’em
It’s 2093 when ya’
When ya’ live like me and it’s 2093, then I hope that you see it, huh
I made every god cry
Do you live a lot? Do you live a lie?
I know what happens when you die
Do you know what happens when you die?
I could see the future with one eye
I’ma live it up, I got one life
I got way too much money, I don’t care ’bout the price
Yeah, I die tryin’, I don’t try dyin’
Yeah, might’ve tried once
Way too many X pills, yeah, for one album
Yeah, I’m a futuristic Al Capone
Don’t try to talk to mе, send ya’ home

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus sets the scene in the year 2093, implying a futuristic setting. The speaker reflects on their one of a kind point of view and encounters, recommending a predominance complex. They contemplate life and death, claiming to have made every god cry and questioning if others truly live authentically. In spite of their cutting edge viewpoint, they emphasize living within the present and making the foremost of their life.

They might not gеt this shit at first
It’s like fittin’ all that Porsche up inside a purse
Is it a blessin’ or curse? I just did it first
I could ruin ya’ life, make it a lot worse
We been doin’ shit that you never heard
I got new shit, I invent a word
I been livin’ life that you never heard of
I got billion dollar money, live inside a turtle
That mean you can’t get in
That mean you can’t fit in with the-
Goats of this motherfuckin’ shit
Yeah, I done heard a lot of shit, yeah
I heard it from my fuckin’ space ship, huh
You thinkin’ all that shit, but you don’t say shit, huh

Explanation of Post- Chorus
In the post-chorus, the speaker acknowledges that others may not understand their perspective initially. They compare their accomplishments to fitting a extravagance car into a little satchel, considering whether their achievements are a favoring or a revile.

How you sayin’ all that shit, but you ain’t said shit?
How you doin’ all this shit, but you ain’t try yet?
How you make a lot of money, but you ain’t die yet?
You ain’t live like us, you ain’t flyin’

Explanation of Bridge
They question how others can judge without attempting similar feats or experiencing similar circumstances. They boast about their financial success and hint at a level of exclusivity, suggesting that others cannot “fit in” with their elite circle.
In less difficult terms, the verses depict somebody who considers they’re cutting edge, strikingly living a luxurious and inventive life, and not caring almost what others think. They challenge anybody who questions or questions them.

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