Taylor Made Freestyle

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Taylor Made Freestyle

Taylor Made Freestyle

[Intro: 2Pac]
Dons rise again
You can see it in my eyes again

Explanation of  Intro
The opening lines set a tone of aggression and defiance, referencing the “Killuminati” ideology associated with Tupac Shakur, suggesting a resurgence of power and determination.

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Kendrick we need ya, the West Coast savior
Engraving your name in some hip-hop history
If you deal with this viciously
You seem a little nervous about all the publicity
F**k this Canadian lightskin, Dot
We need an undebated west coast victory, man
Call him a b!tch for me
Talk about him liking young girls, that’s a gift from me
Heard it on the Budden Podcast, it’s gotta be true
They told me the spirit of Makaveli is alive
In the n!gga under five-foot five, so it’s gotta be you
I would beef the whole f**king game
It was me and Snoop Dogg
Have my f**king shirt off in the House of Blues
K, you gotta f**k this n!gga girl, he gotta get abused
All that sh!t about burning tattooes, he is not amused
That’s jail talk for real thugs, you gotta be you
Gotta leave this motherf**ker broken and bruised before we really lose
You asked for the smoke, now it seem you too busy for the smoke, I won’t lie, the people confused
Now you ’bout to give this sh!t another week
And fall back to home girl who running numbers up? I woulda refused
F**k these industry relationships, she not in your shoes
You supposed to be the boogeyman, go do what you do
Unless this is a moment that you tell us this not really you
In that case there’s nothing left to say, I just pass it to Snoop

Explanation of  Verse 1
Tupac addresses Kendrick Lamar, urging him to assert his dominance as a representative of the West Coast in the hip-hop scene. He encourages Kendrick to engage in a rap feud (“beef”) with Drake, suggesting tactics to discredit and challenge him.

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
Nephew, what the f**k you really ’bout to do?
We passed you the torch at the House of Blues
And now you got to do some dirty work
You know how to move, right? Right?
I know you never been to jail
Or wore jumpsuits and shower shoes
Never shot nobody, never stabbed nobody
Never did nothing violent to no one
It’s the homies that empower you
But still, you gotta show this f**king owl who’s boss on the West
Now’s a time to really make a power move
‘Cause right now it’s looking like you writing out the gameplan on how to lose
How to bark up the wrong tree and then get your head popped in a crowded room
World is watching this chess game, but are you out of moves?
Dot, you know that the D-O-G never f**king doubted you
But right now it seem like you posted up without a clue of what the f**k you ’bout to do

Explanation of  Verse 2
Snoop Dogg, referred to as “uncle” by Kendrick, reinforces the call for action, emphasizing the need for Kendrick to assert his authority and make strategic moves in the rap game.

[Verse 3: Drake]
Yeah, unc’, that’s the truth
I’m definitely about to come around the Lang gang and let my f**king bowel move
Sh!tting on you n!ggas from a whole different altitude
High up in the sky like I’m Howard Hughes
The first one really only took me an hour or two
The next one is really ’bout to bring out the coward in you
But now we gotta wait a f**king week ’cause Taylor Swift is your new Top
And if you ’bout to drop, she gotta approve
This girl really ’bout to make you act like you not in a feud
She tailor-made your schedule with Ant, you out of the loop
Hate all you corporate industry puppets, I’m not in the mood
I love it when you n!ggas talk loose like I’m not in the room
Since “Like That” your tone changed a little, you not as enthused
How are you not in the booth? It feel like you kinda removed
You tryna let this sh!t die down, nah, nah, nah
Not this time, n!gga, you following through
I guess you need another week to figure out how to improve
What the f**k is taking so long? We waiting on you
The rest of y’all are definitely involved, y’all getting it too
Soon as you get the courage to drop, I’m out on the loose, on the loose

Explanation of  Verse 3
Drake responds to the pressure, boasting about his lyrical abilities and mocking Kendrick’s delay in responding to the challenge.He criticizes Kendrick for allegedly prioritizing marketable interests over cultural integrity.

[Outro: Drake]
Yeah, shoutout to Taylor Swift
Biggest gangster in the music game right now
You know, I moved my album when she dropped
I said that already
You know she ’bout to milli’ run through ’em
Milly rock on your head top, well
She got the whole pgLang on mute like that Beyoncé challenge
Y’all boys quiet for the weekend, like
Dot, I know you’re in that NY apartment
You struggling right now
I know it
In the notepad doing lyrical gymnastics, my boy
You better have a motherf**king quintuple entendre on that sh!t
Some sh!t I don’t even understand, like
That sh!t better be crazy, we waiting on you

Explanation of  Outro
Drake concludes by acknowledging Taylor Swift’s influence and dominance in the music industry, implying that Kendrick and others are hesitant to release music due to her impact. He continues to tease Kendrick, prompting him to respond with a remarkable display of lyrical prowess.
These lyrics depict a script where prominent numbers in the rap assiduity, including 2Pac( via tried lyrics), Snoop Dogg, and Drake, engage in a fictionalized narrative involving contest, competition, and the hunt for dominance in the hipsterism- hop geography.

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