Sweet Lyrics – Teezo Touchdown

Read the lyrics​ Sweet – Lyrics. Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Teezo Touchdown & Fousheé. Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released Sep. 8, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

Sweet Lyrics - Teezo Touchdown

Sweet Lyrics – Teezo Touchdown

[Intro: Teezo Touchdown]
Everything you say is funny
You don’t ever need another—, mm
Gotta think how I can word that

[Explanation of Intro]
The introduction sets the tone, with Teezo Touchdown expressing that everything the person says is humorous. There’s a pause, perhaps indicating that he’s considering how to phrase something.

[Verse 1: Teezo Touchdown]
Everything you say is funny
Girl, it feel like I’m datin’ a comedian
Everybody else I swerve, but today, I finally hit the median
Even though I can’t dress, girl, you love everything that you see me in
Do you really think I’m cute?
Honesty look good on you
Honestly, you too good for me
Honestly, we’ll last about a week
Honestly, my life is sour
But when I’m with you, everything’s sweet
When I’m with you, everything’s sweet

[Explanation of Verse 1]
In the first verse, Teezo talks about finding everything the person says funny, making the relationship feel like he’s dating a comedian. He mentions swerving others but hitting the “median” today, possibly suggesting that he’s found a balance or a middle ground with this person. Despite feeling that he can’t dress well, the person appreciates everything he wears. Teezo wonders if the person genuinely finds him cute and expresses a mix of self-deprecating humor and admiration for the person. The repetition of “When I’m with you, everything’s sweet” emphasizes the positive and enjoyable nature of their time together.

[Verse 2: Fousheé]
If the clothes fit (Uh)
We should wear it, though, I’m not so keen to sharin’
Got a lung or two to spare
It’s nice and toasty in my bed, wе’re buried
I think we should gеt married (We should get)
Sometimes, I catch myself just starin’ at your face
I wanna memorize
Until it’s embedded in my eyes
I can’t believe this is my life
I’ll indulge, I’ll indulge in a serving of you
And I don’t need honey
You’re the frosting and everything’s cake
And we won’t have to bake, everything’s sweet
Oh, everything’s sweet, huh
Everything’s sweet

[Explanation of Verse 2]
In the second verse, Fousheé joins in. She suggests that if commodity fits, they should wear it, playing on the idea of clothes fitting and fitting well together in a relationship. Fousheé mentions not being keen on sharing but is willing to share a lung or two, humorously expressing a deep connection. She talks about the warmth of their participated space in bed, intimating at the idea of marriage. Fousheé confesses to catching herself staring at the person’s face, wanting to memorize it and embed it in her eyes. The mention of indulging in a “serving” of the person is a playful metaphor for enjoying their company. The line about not needing honey but being the frosting suggests that the person is enough sweetness in her life, and everything feels like a piece of cake.

The lyrics of the song introduced, that everything is sweet in this relationship, buttressing the positivity and joy they find in each other. The overall of lyrics convey a lightsome and tender atmosphere, blending humor with genuine regard and appreciation for the special connection between the two identities.

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