Stevie Nicks enters the Barbie zeitgeist with her own doll They helped her have my soul

Stevie Nicks enters the Barbie zeitgeist with her own doll They helped her have my soul

Stevie Nicks enters the Barbie zeitgeist with her own doll They helped her have my soul  She embodies the essence of an otherworldly rock icon.

A mystical enchantress steeped in magical secrets.

And now, Stevie Nicks joins the ranks of Barbie.

On Monday, Mattel Shop will unveil the miniature Stevie Nicks as part of their Barbie Music Collector collection. Priced at $55, this petite rendition captures the spirit of Stevie in her “Rumours” era, dressed in a flowing black gown and cape, adorned with black platform heeled boots, and holding a tambourine embellished with streamers. Remarkably, it even captures the captivating allure of Stevie’s gaze.

Stevie Nicks’ excitement about being immortalized in the form of an iconic figurine is endearing. The legendary Fleetwood Mac artist, now 75, shares her thoughts with us about the doll that resonates with her “soul,” her emotional response to the upcoming “Barbie” movie, and her nostalgia for Christine McVie.

Stevie Nicks sent her original outfit from the cover of Fleetwood Mac's landmark "Rumours" album for Mattel designers to copy in doll form.

Question: What was your response when you learned that Mattel intended to create a Barbie doll in your likeness?

Answer: To be honest, I believe many women around the world secretly wish they could have a Barbie doll modeled after them, although they understand it’s quite unlikely. When I first heard the news, it took me on a nostalgic trip back to 1959 when the original Barbie dolls were introduced, and my mom bought me one. She had been a lifelong doll collector, and I, too, had a penchant for collecting dolls when I joined Fleetwood Mac. Watching Margot Robbie don that iconic swimsuit in the “Barbie” movie instantly resonated with me; she embodied the very image I had always aspired to be – Margot Robbie, confident in a swimsuit and high heels, with my own unique hairstyle.

Stevie Nicks is the subject of her own Barbie doll, which she worked with Mattel to create in her likeness.

How much of your creative input was involved? Because they truly captured not only your attire but also the intensity of your gaze.

Mattel provided me with a wonderful opportunity to express my creativity, and I eagerly seized that chance. I proposed, “I’ll locate my original ‘Rumours’ ensemble, which has been carefully stored away. Additionally, I’ll retrieve the exceptional boots crafted by the talented Italian shoemaker who had the honor of making all my boots until his passing.” I promptly dispatched these items to Mattel.

“It truly became your signature appearance during the ‘Rumours’ era.”

In 1973, while Lindsey Buckingham and I were touring as Buckingham Nicks alongside Leon Russell at Santa Monica’s Civic Auditorium, I had a serendipitous encounter. As I stood against the wall, a woman passed by wearing the exact same outfit I would later adopt as my own. Her attire was striking: a delicate, blush-pink handkerchief skirt complemented by a Gibson Girl-inspired hairstyle. In that moment, I knew I had found my new outfit inspiration.

In 1975, when I joined Fleetwood Mac, my financial situation was dire, and my weight was a mere 105 pounds. We couldn’t afford to eat much on the road. However, during our tour, I managed to gain 15 pounds in just a month. Upon returning from the tour, I sought the assistance of a designer named Margi Kent. I shared my vision with her: a stick figure sketch of a girl wearing a handkerchief skirt and platform boots made of silk chiffon. I told Margi, “I want to wear this when I turn 60, because I’m certain I’ll still be performing on stage at that age.” Keep in mind, I had only been a part of Fleetwood Mac for eight months at that point. Remarkably, Margi agreed, and within a week, I had my exquisite black outfit ready. To this day, Margi continues to create my everyday clothing.

Stevie Nicks, shown at Bonnaroo in June 2022, is playing sporadic co-headlining dates with Billy Joel through March 2024.

What is Stevie Nicks’ typical attire for everyday outings? It’s challenging to envision her casually opting for jeans and a baseball cap when going to a restaurant.

(Chuckling) Well, even in those moments, there’s a certain flair to be maintained. She crafts these absolutely stunning tops for me, adorned with sparkling crystal rhinestones. You won’t catch me in casual attire when I step out; I’m consistently immersed in my Stevie-inspired world because it’s what I enjoy. People often question my penchant for black attire. But you see, it’s all about that slimming, sexy, and sophisticated allure.

Returning to the topic of the Barbie movie, what were your impressions of the film?

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Due to the constraints of the COVID pandemic, we couldn’t attend a public theater, so we decided to rent one for my band and crew. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Waddy (Wachtel), our incredibly talented guitarist, whom I’ve known since 1971. We chose a theater with comfortable recliners, and there we were, a New Yorker and a California girl, watching “Barbie” together. What struck me was that every time I shed a tear, Waddy did too, and whenever I laughed, he joined in. It felt like we were both on the same emotional wavelength, which is no surprise considering we’re both Geminis.

When the movie ended, I turned to Waddy and said, “You know what, Waddy? I wouldn’t have wanted to watch this with anyone else.” Watching Barbie navigate her struggles and evolve into a real person resonated deeply with both of us. I couldn’t wait to return home and share the experience with my Stevie doll. I even mentioned to her that we should have my press agent reach out to Margot Barbie, as I affectionately call Margot Robbie, to let her know how much we appreciated her performance.

Stevie Nicks says she "loved" the "Barbie" movie and could relate to "watching her and her struggles and coming into a real person."

Did you need to make significant modifications to your doll?

When Mattel initially sent her to me, I mentioned that her eyebrows appeared too arched, and my eye makeup was reminiscent of the 1970s, characterized by a Twiggy-inspired style with lots of eyelashes and a doe-eyed appearance. I suggested raising the dark eyeshadow above the crease in her eye and adding a subtle hint of teeth in her smile. When I finally received her on June 22, I opened the package and thought to myself, “She’s simply flawless.” This little Barbie doll is incredibly dear to me, as it embodies a part of my essence. Even if she were exclusively mine, I would almost be content with that.

Discussing valuable moments, I had the opportunity to attend your concert alongside Billy Joel this past summer. It was evident that your emotions were palpable as you dedicated “Landslide” to Christine McVie. I’m curious, has singing that song become any less challenging for you over time?

“It might not be getting any easier, but I find solace in singing it repeatedly, a process that gradually eases the pain. Singing allows me to connect with the audience, sharing our collective grief over losing someone so dear. Through these moments, I keep her memory alive in my heart. It reminds me of Taylor Swift’s song, “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” which resonates deeply with Chris and me during our time in Fleetwood Mac. We always navigated life independently. And now, even though she’s no longer physically here, her presence still guides me, as if she’s whispering on my shoulder, ‘You’re on your own, kid, but I’m always right here.'”

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