Southern Charms Olivia Flowers Questions Timeline of Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll Relationship

Southern Charms Olivia Flowers Questions Timeline of Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll Relationship

Southern Charms Olivia Flowers Questions Timeline of Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll Relationship Olivia Flowers expressed doubts about the timeline of Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll’s relationship during the latest episode of Southern Charm. Taylor mentioned to me that she and Austen had discussed the possibility of being in a relationship. However, the timeline of their discussions left me somewhat puzzled, Olivia, aged 31, confided in Shep Rose during the episode that aired on Thursday, October 5, on the Bravo series.

Olivia, who was in a relationship with Austen, aged 36, in the previous year, clarified that the conversation about Taylor, who is 28, and Austen’s relationship took place after their time in New York. (The cast had a reunion in New York City in September 2022 to film the season 8 reunion. At that point, Olivia confirmed that she and Austen had recently ended their relationship. However, she later revealed that he had attempted to reconcile before the end of the year.)

The Evolution of Austen and Olivia’s Relationship on Southern Charm: A Journey Through Their Past

You two were spending time together, right? You and Austen, remarked Shep, who was 43 years old. Olivia affirmed his observation, saying, Yeah, we were. She then expressed, It’s quite complicated and messy, not a good situation.

Olivia proceeded to fill Shep in on the rest of her conversation with Taylor. She recounted, Taylor mentioned, ‘I talked to my brother about it, and he spoke to his sister about it.’ It’s quite a tangled web, Olivia revealed.

Shep, who had shared a two-year relationship with Taylor before their breakup in July 2022, expressed visible surprise at Olivia’s disclosures. “That’s astounding. Bringing others into the discussion suggests there was more than just a friendship,” Shep replied. “I’m at a loss for words. Maybe she simply needed someone to confide in? But for him to be that confidant, given our past, is completely unacceptable.”

Exploring the Past of Southern Charm’s Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green

In another part of the episode, Olivia confided in her friend Leva Bonaparte about Taylor’s revelation and the uneasiness it brought.

Taylor mentioned that there was a moment, after we left New York, Olivia shared with Leva during their phone call. She added that this conversation between her best friend and her ex-boyfriend happened right when Austen and I were actively discussing how to mend our relationship.”

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Olivia admitted, That’s the aspect of it that feels uncomfortable.” Later, in a solo interview, Olivia expressed her discomfort with the news of Taylor and Austen potentially becoming a couple.

Olivia stated during this period when Taylor claims they had a conversation, I was actually in California for three days. Throughout my absence, Austen persistently reached out, pleading for another chance,” Olivia explained in a confessional. “Taylor played a significant role in my decision to forgive him. Yet, just a week later, he experiences a sudden change of heart.”

Meanwhile, Taylor conveyed to Austen over the phone that she believed she had every right to contemplate advancing their friendship to a more intimate level.

Comprehensive Overview of Romantic Relationships Within the Southern Charm Cast

In my conversation with Austen, Shep and I had already been broken up for approximately two months. As for Austen and Olivia, I found their relationship rather perplexing. I was often unsure of their exact status, and at that particular moment, they were not on friendly terms.

When Shep questioned Taylor about her connection with Austen, she firmly stated, “I’ve never come close to getting romantically involved with Austen!”

Nevertheless, Austen remained elusive about the true events that transpired between them after their sleepover. When Shep inquired, “Would you inform me if something happened between you two? Austen retorted, could you clarify what you mean by ‘hooked up’? The episode concluded with a “to be continued” teaser.

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