Slime Examination Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

Read the lyrics Slime Examination Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written by YoungBoy Never Broke Again Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On November 4, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

Slime Examination Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

Slime Examination Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

Wait, I don’t think, um
I don’t think that I’ll keep being it
I go for that though
(Ayo, Lori, this shit fire)

Explanation of Intro
YoungBoy expresses uncertainty about continuing with something but mentions going for it anyway.A shoutout to someone named Lori, acknowledging the quality of the content.

[Verse 1]
Oh, I see you balling, my soldier (Oh, yeah)
I told you, stay out the way, my nigga
It’ll happen someday, I told ya
My BaBa, hah
I’ma pour a line for you tonight, my nigga, oh, yeah
I’m gonna invite my nigga, oh, yeah
I’ma send a kite to Heaven, invite my niggas, oh, yeah
(Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
I been getting loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loo-loose
How I been losing my cool
How I don’t know what to do
How I need my bank, how I need my children
It’ll turn out bad if you think that
I won’t slang this motherfucker
I grew up hard, had to hustle
Know I ain’t playing games with executives, no
I done drove inside that Porsche
And let her ride me like a surfboard
Riding ’round in that Rolls
Young nigga could get one if you work for it
Partying with these hoes
I get holy, need to go to church for it
One inside the hole, I ain’t had to use no club

Explanation of Verse 1
YoungBoy observes someone “balling” and advises them to stay out of trouble, assuring that success will come eventually.References to pouring a line (possibly a reference to drug use) and sending a message to someone in heaven.Talks about the challenges he faced growing up and the need to hustle.Mentions driving a Porsche and having experiences with a woman.

She plan on examining me
She just another scamming me
Slimeball (Huh)
I’m that nigga
Let me remind y’all (It’s Top)

Explanation of Chorus
YoungBoy talks about someone planning to examine or deceive him, referring to them as a “slimeball.”Asserts his identity and significance, reminding others of his status.

Saucy, and she stay been calling
I can’t get ’em off me, got a Draco, don’t cross me
My life so exhausting, but I’m caught up with balling
And she love me, and I love her too much (Huh)

Explanation of Bridge
Describes being pursued by someone (possibly romantically) and emphasizes having a weapon (Draco) for protection.
Acknowledges the difficulty of his life but expresses a focus on success and enjoying life.

This shit might get gangster by the nightfall, uh-uh
Young nigga might pop out your bushes ’bout her, uh
Let’s do it, this shit might get gangster ‘fore the moon go down
Let’s do it, I’m gone pop up ’round your crib with my goblins

Explanation of Refrain
Hints at potential violence or trouble by nightfall, with YoungBoy popping up unexpectedly.Mentions coming with “goblins,” likely referring to associates or weapons for protection.

[Verse 2]
Uh, huh, this Top
I’m gone pop outside your crib with them goblins, huh
6, named Bway, huh
Hop out with them sticks, they hit, no stopping
I been on that shit that make me, make me lose my mind
Baby, lose my time
Baby, uh-huh
I got lots of money, you don’t want me
Can I eat before your time
Baby, I’ll pay you now

Explanation of Verse 2
Reiterates the theme of appearing unexpectedly with associates (“goblins”) and firearms (“sticks”).Mentions being on something that affects his mental state.Expresses having money and possibly facing rejection or indifference.

She plan on examining me
She just another scamming me
Slimeball (Huh)
I’m that nigga, let me remind y’all

Explanation of Chorus 
Repeats the theme of someone planning to deceive him and emphasizes his importance.
Refrain (repeated) Reiterates the potential for a dangerous situation by nightfall and YoungBoy unexpectedly appearing with his associates.

the songs conduct themes of road life, demurrals, success, and possible competitions. YoungBoy reflects on his gests , blockbuster, and the changeless need to be watchful in his terrain.

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