SKINNY lyrics by Billie Eilish

Read SKINNY lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Billie Eilish Official Music Video Has been Release May. 17, 2024 And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

SKINNY lyrics by Billie Eilish

SKINNY lyrics by Billie Eilish

Hmm, hmm

Explanation of Intro
The song starts with a reflective and contemplative tone.

[Verse 1]
Fell in love for the first time
With a friend, it’s a good sign
Feelin’ off when I feel fine
Twenty-one took a lifetime
People say I look happy
Just because I got skinny
But the old me is still me and maybe the real me
And I think she’s pretty

Explanation of Verse 1
The singer talks about experiencing love for the first time with a friend, indicating a positive start (“it’s a good sign”). Despite feeling “off” even when things seem fine, the singer mentions reaching an important milestone at twenty-one. There’s an implication that others think the singer looks happy because of weight loss, but the singer asserts that their true self has always been present and finds this version of themselves attractive.

And I still cry
And you know why

Explanation of Chorus
The refrain highlights the singer’s powerlessness, conceding they still cry and indicating that the audience gets it the reasons behind their tears.

[Verse 2]
Am I acting my age now?
Am I already on the way out?
When I step off the stage, I’m a bird in a cage
I’m a dog in a dog pound
And you said I was your secret
And you didn’t get to keep it
And the internet is hungry for the meanest kinda funny
And somebody’s gotta feed it

Explanation of Verse 2
Here, the singer questions whether they are acting their age and expresses a sense of entrapment, feeling like a “bird in a cage” or a “dog in a dog pound” when not performing. The mention of being someone’s secret that wasn’t kept suggests betrayal and the harsh scrutiny of the internet, which thrives on negativity and demands constant feeding of controversial or mean content

Oh, do you still cry?
Still cry

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus repeats, reinforcing the theme of ongoing emotional pain and the expectation that the listener is aware of the reasons behind it.

I nеver did you wrong (Never did you wrong)
And my (Oh), my patiеnce is gone (Is gone)
And I (I), I never did you wrong (You)
I, I loved you for so long (Hmm)

Explanation of Bridge
In the bridge, the singer defends themselves, insisting they never wronged the other person and expressing frustration (“my patience is gone”). In spite of never having done off-base, the singer’s delayed adore has worn them down, typified within the rehashed declaration of persevering adore.
The tune dives into the complexities of individual connections, self-acceptance, and the enthusiastic toll of living beneath open investigation, combining a sense of yearning and flexibility.

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