Shade Lyrics by Yeat

Read Shade Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Yeat, Synthetic, Hitgirl, Perdu, Keyon Christ, ​​ninetyniiine, UpMadeIt & Zamorrahhh. It Official Music Video Has been Release Feb. 16, 2024 Day And Presen On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Shade Lyrics by Yeat

Shade Lyrics by Yeat

Yeah, fuck off, fuck off
Can’t be mad that I’m well off
Can’t be mad that I did this shit
Can’t be mad that I talk this, bitch
You a dumb motherfucker
You a dumb motherfucker, uh
You a dumb motherfucker
You a dumb motherfucker

Explanation of Intro
The “Intro” sets a fierce tone for the tune, instantly building up a sense of rebellion and emphaticness. The speaker starts with interjections, telling somebody to “fuck off,” recommending a cavalier state of mind towards cynicism or feedback. They assert their own success and accomplishments, implying that others shouldn’t be envious or resentful.

[Verse 1]
You not full, but no amount could fit
Shit, why you always talkin’ shit? (Why?)
‘Cause those Balenciagas counterfeit
I just made the whole world my bitch (Yeah)
I’m tryna see how much I can fit
I don’t like to talk, I plead the fifth
And I’m prayin’ that you make one wrong move
It’s no tellin’ what I might or might not do
Heard you say you won’t fold, you won’t bend
Let’s all get high as fuck and pretend
I’ll be wrong ’til I die, ’til the end
If I ask you if you lied, you say, “Yeah”
You say, “Yeah”
How could I make it up to you?
I say, “You can’t”
Just get the fuck away from me
And it’s more than that
And it’s more than this
I’m just tryna imagine all the times I pissed
I’m just tryna imagine why you’d do that shit
But I couldn’t imagine it (Yeah)
And it’s nowhere I’d rather be
On the beach with a tragedy
And she called me, “Your Majesty”
Makin’ movies appear so magically
Yeah and it’s sad that you said what you wouldn’t do
And it’s sad to look back at what you wouldn’t do
And it’s sad, and it’s sad
And it’s sad, and it’s sad (Ah)
But I’m glad that you had your fun, you had your fun on it
But I’m bad for the things I said and the things that I want on it
How you mad that I got this money that I never even asked for?
How you sad ’bout a slag? We wasn’t even up for it

Explanation of Verse 1
The speaker starts by asserting their success, essentially telling detractors to “fuck off.” They claim to have achieved their current status and aren’t bothered by others’ jealousy or criticism.The reference to Balenciagas being fake recommends a despise for realism or fake appearances. They feel engaged, having taken control of their life and their predetermination. The speaker doesn’t like to talk much and prefers to remain silent (pleading the fifth) when necessary. They caution others not to belittle them since they’re unusual and able of anything. The speaker reflects on past clashes and mistaken assumptions, recognizing botches but moreover declaring their sway. They express pity over past disloyalties but eventually discover comfort in their claim flexibility and self-worth.

Wasn’t up, wasn’t up, wasn’t up, wasn’t up, wasn’t up, wasn’t up
I was broke, I was down, I was down bad, now I’m up, now I’m really up
Yeah, I was out sad (Out sad) in the Bentley truck
I was out sad (Out sad), we ain’t give a fuck
I was out sad (Out sad), I was in the mud
I was out sad (Out sad), I was so cold

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus highlights the speaker’s journey from a low point (“broke” and “down bad”) to their current success (“up”). Despite facing challenges and feeling sad in the past, they’re now thriving and unapologetic about it.

[Verse 2]
Is it bad that I serve by condition?
Is it bad that you couldn’t finish?
Is it bad I lost every digit?
Is it bad when you—? Is it? (Is it?)
Is it bad when you—? (Yeah, is it?)
Is it? When you terminate you
Quit it (No), is it really ever?
Tried to live it (No), even though you said you
Already did it (No), when you told that you
Really with it (No)
You a broke ass bum, just admit it (No)
I admit every time I’m a psychopath
I admit every time I cried and laughed
I remember the times we used to have
I remember the nights we used to have
Even remember times when they was bad
Even remember times we never had (Yeah)
I can see all between the lines that you said that you wouldn’t do
And times that you said that you’d come, but you never do
I heard planes, yeah, they fly, yeah, they fly ’til they never do
We crash and we burn, turn the page or another two
We go back and do things that we said that we’d never do (Yeah)
I say, “On God,” but I never knew
I like to fly, I like to fly a few
Yeah, I already died, I already tried a few
Yeah, don’t be surprised (Yeah), you know my life too

Explanation of Verse 2
In the second verse, the speaker questions whether certain actions or decisions were morally wrong or justified.  The speaker recollects both the great and awful times, emphasizing their capacity to memorize and develop from difficulty. In spite of confronting difficulties and double-crossings, they stay flexible and deny to be characterized by their past botches.
By and large, the tune appears to celebrate flexibility, self-empowerment, and overcoming difficulty, whereas too recognizing the complexities of human feelings and connections.

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