Secondhand Smoke lYRICS by Brynn Cartelli

Read the LYRICS Secondhand Smoke lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Brynn Cartelli It Official Music Video Has been Release By Feb. 23, 2023 Day And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

” derivative haze” is a wiling song penned by Brynn Cartelli. Released on February 23, 2023, the official music video is available on YouTube.This stirring track explores the struggle of breaking free from a poison relationship and the emotional fate it leaves before. Let’s claw into the full lyrics to uncover the depth of its dispatch.

Secondhand Smoke lYRICS by Brynn Cartelli

Secondhand Smoke lYRICS by Brynn Cartelli

[Verse 1]
I’ll admit I had fun
Getting wrapped up in your misery
But look at what it’s done to me
And I thought it was love
But you couldn’t fill my missin’ piece
Or take responsibility

Explanation of Verse 1
The narrator reflects on the aftermath of being entangled in someone else’s misery, realizing the detrimental impact it has had on their own well-being. Despite mistaking it for love, they acknowledge that the other person couldn’t fill the void within them or take accountability for their actions.

With every word you say
Like smokin’ a pack a day
Set up the world you hate
For me to fix
I know you’ll never change
You’ll never take the blame
I shouldn’t have to save
Every mess

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
Every word spoken by the other person feels suffocating, akin to the effects of smoking a pack of cigarettes daily. They’ve created a world of negativity for the narrator to constantly fix, with little hope of change or acknowledgement of responsibility.

I have to let you go
Breathe out the secondhand smoke
I cannot let it show
I’m afraid that you’ve ruined my lungs
Now I’m on the run, I have to move on
What will I bеcome without you? I don’t know
But I have to let you go
Brеathe out the secondhand smoke

Explanation of Chorus
Feeling the need to break free from the toxic relationship, the narrator resolves to let go and exhale the metaphorical secondhand smoke that has polluted their life. They worry the lasting harm it has caused to their fiery well- being but judge the sine qua non of moving on despite query.

[Verse 2]
What are the side effects
Of bein’ held down for years
By complaints and fake fears?
Well, I guess I made my bed
And I’m leavin’ it here
Hope I’m makin’ that clear

Explanation of Verse 2
Reflecting on the effects of being held back by the other person’s complaints and false fears for years, the narrator acknowledges their role in allowing themselves to be trapped in the situation. They declare their intention to leave it all behind and hope to convey their decision clearly.

With all of this shit you’re talkin’
I inhaled all of your toxins
Try buildin’ a wall around this town
I can’t be drowned, I’m movin’ out

Explanation of Bridge
Despite being inundated with negativity from the other person, the narrator decides to break free and move on. They reject the toxicity by metaphorically exhaling all the toxins they’ve absorbed, symbolized by secondhand smoke.

I finally let you go
Exhaled the secondhand smoke
I stayed around too long
Still afraid that you’ve ruined my lungs
Now I’m on the run, I’ve almost moved on
What will I become without you? Now I know
But I have to let you go
Breathe out the secondhand smoke
Breathe out the secondhand smoke

Explanation of Chorus
Having finally let go, the narrator exhales the lingering effects of the toxic relationship. Although they still harbor some fear about the harm foisted on their fiery well- being, they admit their progress in moving on and chancing autonomy from the stifling influence.
“Derivative Bank” is a song that talks about the challenge of breaking free from a harmful relationship and the emotional vulnerability it entails.operating Pictorial imagery and figural speech, the song delves into themes of tone- upkeep, freeing, and the trip towards emotional mending and freedom.

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