ScarFACE Lyrics – Babyface Ray


Ayy, Reef, what the fuck, man?
Fuck it


Pull up in the city and snatch somethin' you ain't made in a year
We ain't had shit, we hood niggas, it's Forgis on the Urus
When I was on my grind, I was dolo 'cause they ain't even care (I was dolo)
Nigga can't stop me, won't stop me, I'm talkin' to the mirror
Devil on my shoulder stayin', "Spaz out," I act like I don't hear him
Had to slow down on the codeine and no more Mike Amiri
Let me tell you somethin', I'm dyin' rich, I feel it in my spirit
It's respect 'til it's disrespect, they have a nigga spill it
You don't run up checks, huh? You just run your mouth, huh?
They slidin' like a cha-cha, you don't leave the house, huh?
Trippin' for my lost ones, boss, I don't talk none
Don't look when I'm talkin' P 'cause I can't give the sauce up
You can't convince me, you ain't even caught one
Keep your head on the swivel, I just think I saw somethin'
My buddy with the cartel, they told him I done saw somethin'
They keep sayin' five and o, I don't want that often
Got these hoes in the business, you doin' too much talkin' (Shh)
Ridin' in my brand new Benz, listenin' to Tha Carter
I just cut her one time, "'Face, why you ain't call me?" (Why?)
My shorty say she want a ring, I put her in an Audi
Put her in the friend-zone, think I want her friend now
Searchin' for a outlet, not lookin' for a handout
It was a stripper charity 'til the ones ran out
I be standin' ten toes, never put my head down
Never sell my soul for this, never put my mans down (Nah)
Yes, I buy designer and I put it on my kids, God
Yes, I buy new foreigns and I take 'em to the rim shop
I just spent like eighty for a plain platinum wrist watch (Eighty)
Heard you put the bag down and you tryna get your life around (I heard)
Wanna see you active, I ain't tryna watch your highlights (Nah)
Activate the red key, I turn up, it go bye-bye
Chains on my dresser like I'm sleepin' with a nightlight
They don't like me, shrug my shoulders on 'em like I'm Uzi
Know I bossed up, all my cribs got Jacuzzis (All of 'em)
Took her on a date, then got head at the movies
Sparkles after sparkles, sippin' Cris' 'til we woozy (Sparkles after sparkles)
Water gang, water gang, diamonds in the chain (Water)
Lamborghinis, racin' Raris, racin' pipes, spittin' flames (Phew)
Ever since I put the money first, life's been amazin'
And I might go get some motivation, I like when they hatin'
Security with me, couple shooters with me, pipes on the stages
Ten years plus, we had the city locked and you can ask Daisy
You can ask T, ask Shyne, you can ask Pay and 'em
I might leave a dub of Ace of Spades, screamin', "Free the haters"
In NYC in a penthouse, ride a bull, Django
One comin', one nigga leavin', you can ask Diego
One day, ten thousand gone, you ain't gotta stay long (Phew)
She know that I'm really havin', it be hard to say no

ScarFACE Lyrics – Babyface Ray

Read the lyrics   ScarFACE by Babyface Ray. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Babyface Ray. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  Babyface Ray. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 21, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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