Saturn Returns Interlude Lyrics by Ariana Grande

Saturn Returns Interlude Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Ariana Grande, Diana Garland, Max Martin & ILYA.The Music Track Was Released Date :Mar. 8, 2024

Saturn Returns Interlude Lyrics by Ariana Grande

Explanation of Intro
Sure, here are two lines for an intro inspired by the themes in the provided lyrics:”Under Saturn’s watch, we’re born and bound, Where cycles teach, awakening profound.”

[Interlude: Diana Garland]
When we’re all born, Saturn’s somewhere
And the Saturn cycle takes around about twenty-nine years
That’s when we gotta wake up and smell the coffee
Because if we’ve just been sort of relying on our cleverness
Or relying—, you know, just kind of floating along
Saturn comes along and hits you over the head
Hits you over the head, hits you over the head, and says, “Wake up”
Aha, it’s time for you to get real about life and sort out who you really are

Explanation of Interlude
In this part, Diana Garland discusses the concept of Saturn’s influence in astrology.  The mention of the “Saturn cycle” taking about twenty-nine years likely refers to Saturn’s orbit around the Sun, which takes approximately 29.5 years to complete. In astrology, the “Saturn return” is a significant astrological transit that occurs when Saturn returns to the same position in the sky as it was at the time of a person’s birth, around every 29 years. During these times, individuals often experience a period of growth, reflection, and sometimes hardship, as Saturn is seen as a stern teacher, urging people to confront realities and mature. Garland metaphorically describes this as Saturn hitting you over the head to wake you up from any complacency or illusions.

Wake up
Get real

Explanation of Outro
The outro fortifies the message of arousing and confronting reality. “Wake up” could be a call to mindfulness, encouraging people to recognize truths around themselves and their lives. “Get genuine” advance emphasizes the have to be go up against reality and halt living in figments or dissent. It recommends a call to activity, empowering audience members to require obligation for their lives and make bona fide choices.

Generally, the verses appear to communicate a message around the significance of self-awareness, development, and confronting reality, particularly amid noteworthy transitional periods like Saturn returns in soothsaying. They emphasize the thought that life’s challenges serve as openings for development and self-discovery.

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