Russell Brand The latest on sexual assault allegations

Russell Brand The latest on sexual assault allegations The individual in question has refuted the accusations leveled against them and maintains that all of their relationships have been based on mutual consent.

In recent days, a wave of allegations, including accusations of sexual assault, rape, and emotional abuse, have surfaced against comedian and actor Russell Brand.

On Monday, the last performances of his comedy tour, titled Bipolarization, were abruptly postponed. This decision followed a new report to the London Metropolitan Police concerning an alleged sexual assault dating back to 2003 in the Soho neighborhood of the city.

Let’s explore other developments in this unfolding situation.

Friday, Sept. 15

  • Brand shares a video on social media in which he vehemently denies any allegations of sexual misconduct before they have been officially reported.

“I’ve recently received two deeply unsettling correspondences, one in the form of a letter and the other through email. One is from a mainstream television company, and the other is from a newspaper. Both contain a disturbing list of aggressive allegations,” he revealed. “These accusations are related to the period when I was actively involved in the mainstream media, frequently appearing in newspapers and movies. As I’ve openly discussed in my books, during that time, I engaged in numerous relationships, many of which were characterized by promiscuity. It is crucial to emphasize that all these relationships were consensual.”

It has been reported that Brand, without specifying the particular source, will be the focus of an investigative program called Dispatches in the UK airing this Saturday evening. He expressed feeling under attack and believes these allegations are being orchestrated in a coordinated manner.

Saturday, Sept. 16

  • The accusations become publicly known.

In a collaborative inquiry conducted by The Times of London and the documentary team at Channel 4, four women have come forward with accusations of sexual assault or rape against Russell Brand. These allegations were presented in both a newspaper article and a 90-minute documentary. The incidents allegedly occurred between 2006 and 2013. One of the women revealed that she was only 16 years old when she found herself in an “emotionally and sexually abusive relationship” with Brand, who was in his 30s at the time. She recounted an episode where he subjected her to distress by forcibly inserting his penis into her throat. Another woman asserted that Brand raped her at his residence in Los Angeles in 2012.

  • The talent agency has severed its connection with Brand.

The Tavistock Wood website no longer features the profile of the star from “Get Him to the Greek.” In a recent statement, a company spokesperson told USA Today on Sunday, “Despite Russell Brand’s strong denial of the 2020 allegation, we have come to the regrettable conclusion that we were greatly misled by him. As a result, Tavistock Wood has severed all professional connections with Russell Brand.

  • The comedian entertains a live audience.


Brand, undeterred by the accusations, confidently steps onto the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre stage to deliver his electrifying performance titled “Bipolarization.” Grateful for the unwavering support from his devoted fans, he expresses his heartfelt appreciation. In response, the audience, comprising approximately 2,000 enthusiastic individuals, rises to their feet, according to the Telegraph, showering him with a resounding standing ovation.

Sunday, Sept. 17

  • The Metropolitan Police in London issue a request for anyone who may have been impacted by Brand to come forward and share their experiences.

Law enforcement officials have acknowledged the media’s coverage of a series of sexual assault allegations but state that no official reports have been filed regarding these incidents. They urge anyone who believes they may have been a victim of sexual assault, regardless of when it occurred, to come forward and contact the police.

Simultaneously, various news outlets, including the BBC, have initiated investigations into Russell Brand.

Trevi Women & Children’s Charity in the United Kingdom has released a statement confirming the termination of its partnership with Russell Brand and the Stay Free Foundation.

  • Comedian London Hughes has asserted that Russell Brand had a known reputation.

Hughes recounted her experience of signing with Russell Brand’s agent and receiving a cautionary warning. She shared on social media that she was advised, without any prompting, not to engage in any intimate relations with Brand, as he had a history of pursuing women, having sexual encounters with them, and subsequently feeling uncomfortable, leading to their termination or removal from the agency. This pattern had reportedly occurred multiple times in the past. At the age of 22, she followed the advice she was given and actively avoided any interaction with him.

  • Interviews resurfacing in which women express negative opinions about him.

In these interviews, Katy Perry, Brand’s former spouse, characterized him as highly controlling during a 2013 conversation with Vogue.

She revealed, “I initially felt a significant responsibility for our relationship ending, but later, I uncovered the genuine truth, which I can’t disclose due to keeping it reserved for a later date. I let go and realized: This isn’t about me; it goes beyond me. So, I’ve moved on from that.”

Singer Dannii Minogue expressed even stronger sentiments. “He exhibits extreme behavior and comes across as rather unpleasant,” she conveyed to the Mirror in 2006, as reported by the Independent. “I doubt he’s overcome his issues with sex addiction, that’s for certain. He wouldn’t accept ‘no’ as an answer. […] He consistently crosses boundaries, never quite reaching the point where a physical response is warranted, but typically taking things too far.”

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