Risk Lyrics By Matias Gracie Abrams

Read Risk Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Matias Gracie Abrams Official Music Video Has been Release May 1, 2024 And Pres On the  YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here

The lyrics you provided are indeed from the song “Risk” by Gracie Abrams. As of May 1, 2024, the sanctioned music video has been released on the YouTube channel. The majestic lyrics were written by Matias Gracie Abrams. The prolusion of the lyrics sets the tone for the song, landing the speaker’s internal conflict and their amenability to take risks in pursuit of love.

Risk Lyrics By Matias Gracie Abrams

Risk Lyrics By Matias Gracie Abrams

[Verse 1: Gracie Abrams]
Look at me now
Said I wouldn’t do it, but I hunted you down
Know you had a girl, but it didn’t work out
Know you bought a house, but you had to move out, and
I’m not proud
Guess I’m just scared of you shooting it down
You can just talk, and I’ll stare at your mouth
You could be bad, but I wanna find out, and

Explanation of Verse 1
The singer reflects on pursuing someone despite knowing they have a complicated situation (having a girlfriend, moving out of a house). They admit to feeling scared of rejection but are still drawn to the person.

[Chorus: Gracie Abrams]
God, I’m actually invested
Haven’t even met him
Watch this be the wrong thing, classica
God, I’m jumping in the deep end
It’s more fun to swim in
Heard the risk is drowning, but I’m gonna take it

Explanation of Chorus
The singer acknowledges being deeply invested in someone they haven’t even met yet, recognizing the potential for it to be a mistake but choosing to embrace the risk anyway. They liken diving into the relationship to jumping into the deep end of a pool, knowing there’s a chance of getting hurt (drowning) but still willing to take the plunge.

[Post-Chorus: Gracie Abrams]
I’m gonna take it
Oh-oh, oh, woah-oh

Explanation of Post-Chorus
Reiterates the resolve to take the risk despite the potential consequences.

[Verse 2: Gracie Abrams]
Isn’t it fun thinking I’m right when I’m probably wrong?
Holding my breath like I met someone
Knowing damn well that I haven’t been touched by you
In my head, you’re in the car, and you’re coming to me
And you get to my door, and you can’t even speak
But I think that it’s sweet, yeah, I think that you’re sweet

Explanation of Verse 2
The singer questions their own certainty about the situation, admitting that they might be wrong but still holding onto hope. They fantasize about the person coming to them and envision a sweet encounter.

[Bridge: Gracie Abrams]
I’m gonna bend ’til I break
And you’ll be my favorite mistake
I wish you could hold me, here shaking
You’re the risk, I’m gonna take it
Why aren’t you here in my bedroom?
Hopelessly boring without you
Too soon to tell you “I love you”
Too soon to tell you “I love you”

Explanation of Bridge
The singer acknowledges the potential for heartbreak (“bend ’til I break”) but welcomes it as part of the experience.They express a desire for physical closeness and closeness with the person, despite the query and pitfalls involved.

[Outro: Gracie Abrams]
(Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh)
I’m gonna take it
Heard the risk is drowning, but I’m gonna take it
Too soon to tell you “I love you”
Too soon to tell you “I love you”
Too soon to tell you “I love you”
You’re the risk, I’m gonna take it

Explanation of Outro
Repeats the resolve to take the risk and admits that it might be too soon to declare love, but the singer is still willing to embrace the uncertainty.
The lyrics convey the excitement, vulnerability, and complexity of falling for someone and willingly taking pitfalls in love, despite the eventuality for pain or disappointment.

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