Power Trip Lyrics by Yeat

Power Trip Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Yeat, Childish Gambino, AM (Producer), Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow, Tom Levesque, Oscar Adler & ​star boy.The Music Track Was Released Date :Feb. 16, 2024

Power Trip Lyrics by Yeat

[Intro: Yeat]
You live and you learn
So why do I feel like that?
You live and you don’t learn

Explanation of Intro
The introductory lines set the tone for introspection and contemplation. The craftsman recognizes the method of living and learning but communicates perplexity around why they still feel dubious or unsettled.

[Verse 1: Yeat]
I wonder what I could’ve did and what I never did
I wonder what you could’ve hid and what you could’ve said
It’s not a lot of people like us, so I have respect
But don’t go talkin’ out your neck unless you wanna be dead
I might go crazy, I’m out my head
I might kill ’em and drop ’em dead
I might have did it but I don’t think I did
I might have done some things I never did
Watch me do your favorite things, yeah, now that you—
Watch me do your favorite circus trick, the Hula Hoops on fire
Girl, tell me, just don’t lie
Who’ll tell me when you lie?
Don’t tell me when you cry
Just sit for me when you die
I don’t search for nothin’, I’m not one to go and pry
But I wanna leave ya backstabbed and leave you blind
A cut across your eyes will leave you blind for life
It only takes one time, it only takes a night
I brought the big AR, uh, and you brought the knife
I’ma kill ya nice and quick, that’s called a crime
And don’t go waste my time
And don’t go talkin’ to me if you know you not even mine

Explanation of  Verse 1
There’s a sense of caution and a warning against betrayal. The imagery of doing dangerous acts like performing with hula hoops on fire metaphorically represents taking risks, perhaps for the sake of someone else.

[Verse 2: Yeat]
I own a private jet
I’m on a power trip
You don’t have to say it, you did it
I already knew before you said
Guns with drums, a instrument, so let me play it
I ain’t heard you, so speak up, what you gon’ say?
Somebody gettin’ saved tonight
Somebody gettin’ played tonight
Got a very bad but very good mind
A whole lot of things look worse in the light
And a whole lot get worse when you try
That’s why I let a lot of things fly
If I could, then I would
I’ll never get stuck to a thing unless it’s good
Is it good for me, or bad for you, or both of us?
And it’s hard to believe in more than most of us
Ridin’ ’round, a gun inside my pocket like I’m supposed to
They ain’t never gonna let you in but they supposed to
Every time you walk a mile, you only a inch closer
Keep on edgin’ like a slut ’til it’s over
Keep in mind that this shit ain’t gon’ be over
Keep in mind when you push me, push me over
I’m a G-Wagon, you a Range Rover
And it’s hard for me to ever stay sober
I’ma sit down at the top until it’s over
Wait ’til it’s over
Wait ’til it’s over

Explanation of  Verse 2
The second verse delves into themes of power, decision-making, and self-awareness.The craftsman declares their freedom and eagerness to do what’s essential for their possess advantage.There’s a juxtaposition between doing what’s good for oneself versus what may harm others. The mention of a “G-Wagon” and “Range Rover” could symbolize different lifestyles or social statuses.

[Verse: Yeat & Childish Gambino]
Oh, movin’, oh places with ya (All that we have’s the future)
In this new life now
I told myself “Never again,” but I did it again, I do it every time
Movin’ fast, movin’ slow, movin’ sideways at times
When I’m high and I can’t hide behind the lies
And I know that you know that you feel that
‘Cause you couldn’t look me in my motherfuckin’ eyes
All that we have’s the future
It’s a new life now, it’s a new life now

Explanation of  Verse 
This section introduces a collaboration with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover).The verses express a sense of development and alter in life, with the affirmation of rehashing designs in spite of promising oneself not to. There’s a battle with realness and trustworthiness in connections, with the failure to cover up behind lies. The phrase “All that we have’s the future” could suggest a focus on moving forward despite past mistakes or challenges.

[Outro: Yeat]
The plane just landed, for my trip
But I’m always on that trip

Explanation of  Outro
The outro brings a sense of conclusion to the song, with the artist mentioning the end of a trip.This might symbolize a allegorical travel or involvement, maybe inferring that in spite of the ups and downs, life goes on.

By and large, the verses paint a picture of individual reflection, exploring connections, and hooking with inward clashes in the midst of a scenery of alter and development.

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