Portable – Alimi Tribute To Mohbad Lyrics

It’s one life and I live it well, cause man don’t want to live with regrets
This Life Is Too Much Drama
How Can You Bury A Star Alive, Dem Still Dey Ask Of Person Wey Keee
Won Ranku Simi Mo Se Lalejo
Iku Moti Yo Iku Pa Kolo
Lojo Balo
AWo Balo

Ele Pogo Bese Pamole o
Won Mani Gbe Wa Sin
Owo Lama Ri MOLE

Ele Pogo Bese P Mole

Alimi (X2)

Life Is Full Of Sammy Larry

Let Your Things Be Portable

Dont Be So Vibe

So That You Can See Tomorrow

Incase You Want To Japa Like Marley Alimi

Okann Gbogbo Yin Oni Bale

No Peace For The Wicked

No Sleep For The Wicked

Portable – Alimi Tribute To Mohbad Lyrics

Read the lyrics Portable – Alimi Tribute To Mohbad Lyrics . It Is A Brand New English brand of Portable . Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Portable . Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On sep 27, 2023 .And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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