Pilipinas Kong Mahal Lyrics by db

Read the LYRICS Pilipinas Kong Mahal Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Francisco Santiago. It Official Music Video Has been Release By February 26, 2024 Day And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

[Para 1]
Ang bayan ko’y tanging ikaw
Pilipinas kong mahal
Ang puso ko at buhay man
Sa iyo’y ibibigay
Tungkulin ko’y gagampanan
Na lagi kang paglingkuran
Ang laya mo’y babantayan
Pilipinas kong hirang

Explanation of Para 1
“Pilipinas Kong Mahal” is a deeply patriotic song that expresses love and devotion to the Philippines. It speaks of the voice’s faith to the nation, trothing to devote their heart, life, and service to the country. The verses convey a sense of duty and integrity in serving the Philippines, with a pledge to guard its self-governance and uphold its values.

[Para 2]
Bayan sa silanga’y hiyas
Pilipinas kong mahal
Kami’y iyo hanggang wakas
Pilipinas kong mahal
Mga ninuno naming lahat
Sa iyo’y naglingkod ng tapat
Ligaya mo’y aming hangad
Pilipinas kong mahal

Explanation of Para 2
The lay also acknowledges the victims made by former rises, feting their dedication and faith to the nation. It recognizes the Philippines as a precious jewel in the Orient, defining its drift and beauty.
collectedly,” Pilipinas Kong Mahal” is a sincere homage to the Philippines, lauding its rich heritage, and inspiring a sense of pride and faith among its people.

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