paradise lYRICS by Scrim

Read the LYRICS paradise lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Scott Arceneaux Jr., Dynox & Sam Bo Bachrack It Official Music Video Has been Release By Jan. 12, 2024 Day And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

paradise lYRICS by Scrim

paradise lYRICS by Scrim

You did good, $lick
Everything that happens
This is paradise

Explanation of Intro
The intro sets the tone for the song, with someone acknowledging the speaker’s efforts and suggesting that everything happening is akin to paradise.

I been up grinding for years doin’ whatever it take (Whatever it take)
I got bags under my eyes, they say I need me a break (This is paradise, need me a break)
Woke up to bags up in the bank, woke up to being alone (Being alone)
Couldn’t tell you where I’m at, just know that I wanna be home (This is paradise, wanna be home)
It’s late, I’m callin’ my girl, hopin’ she pick up the phone (Hopin’ she pick up the phone)
Another night undеr the lights, yeah, it’s just me and thе foam (This is paradise, just me and the foam)
Another day up on the earth, somewhere that I don’t belong (That I don’t belong)
Just me on my own
Just me on my own (This is paradise)

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus reflects the speaker’s exhaustion from years of hard work. They mention having bags under their eyes and feeling the need for a break. Despite waking up to financial success, they feel lonely and out of place, longing to be home with loved ones.

Lookin’ for my getaway, tryin’ a drug everyday (Drug everyday)
Told her, “I cannot stay”, cry to myself as I walk away (This is paradise)
Put my love on a shelf incase I come back from walking through Hell (From walking through Hell)
I say that I’m fine, they look in my eyes, say, “I cannot tell” (Yeah, I cannot tell)
Can’t help but look back and realize that it won’t be long (Be long)
Making peace with the fact that one day I’ma be gone (Be gone)
Stuck somewhere beyond some help on the right side of wrong (Right side of wrong)
I keep overtaking my meds hopin’ it help, but it don’t (It don’t)
Excuse me for sippin’ too much, I’m just tryna feel the same (Everything that happens)
Forgive me for swerving too much, I’m just tryna find my lane
I’m duckin’ these hoes and lames tryna come up off my name (My name)
I’m poppin’ on perc after perc, tryna overcome my pain (This is paradise, my pain)
Yeah, fucking bitches, gettin’ money, yeah, I been goin’ insane (Goin’ insane)
No, your prayers cannot save me, sorry, but it’s too late (This is, too late)
Smokin’ out in a Cullinan, outta body separate
Deep breath, meditate
Chrome pressed to the brain (This is paradise)
I got motherfuckers with their hands out actin’ like I fuckin’ owe ’em (Actin’ like I fuckin’ owe ’em)
Bitches talking like I’m they man, I don’t even fuckin’ know ’em (The fuck?)
Weight of the world on my shoulder, neck and my heart gettin’ colder
Mom and pops gettin’ older, and I just wanna take it slow (This is paradise)

Explanation of Verse
In the verse, the speaker expresses their struggle with addiction and mental health issues.They advert using cures as a means of escape and distancing themselves from emotional loves. Despite their outside hit, they feel choppy and burdened by the weight of their problems.

I just want this shit to be over
I just want my dad to be closer
I just want my bro to be sober
I just want my mom to (This is paradise)
I just want my mom to be fine
I just want my girl to be mine
Want my tolerance to decline
All these dollars make ’em see signs

Explanation of Bridge
They advert using cures as a means of rout and distancing themselves from fiery loves. Despite their outside hit, they feel choppy and loaded by the weight of their knots.

It’s a smash
This is paradise

Explanation of Outro
The outro reiterates the feeling of the song being a winner(” It’s a smash”) and reinforces the idea that despite alien success, the speaker feels trapped in their stock story, which they relate to as” paradise.”
collectedly, the lyrics depict a sense of disillusionment and craving for affinity amidst the trappings of success and material wealth. Despite their coups, the speaker grapples with inner Sturm und Drang and a drive for genuine pursuance and fellowship.

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