PANIC!!! Lyrics – Paris Texas

{Intro: Felix}

(Yeah, ayy, woah, yeah)
Ayy, please don't touch my— (No, not yet)
Ayy, bad bitch touch my—, wait (No no no)
I can see why you're— (Okay, go ahead)

{Verse 1: Felix}

I see why you are stressed (Mhm)
Because you're no contest (Mhm)
Fuck 12, I can't confess (Mhm)
Drop racks, I'll clean my mess (Mhm)
Excuse me while I flex (Mhm)
Bad bitch that's to my left (Mhm)
Your bitch bad with bad breath (Mhm)
For bags, I do conquest
Find bag then I collect (Okay)
Know niggas that love techs (They do)
Like geeks know every spec (They do)
Both cheeks I grab, oh yes (Oh yes)
It's like I'm grandma, yes (Okay)
PT rep that 'til death ('Til death)
Get back, I need ten steps (5 feet)
Don't care who got up next

{Verse 2: Louie Pastel}

Uh-huh, PT, bitch, can't miss
Ain't heard no shit like this
Pull out my shit, she lick
I got the bread to trick
I see yo' ex down bad, uh-huh
I think he need a sis, uh-huh
So I went and fucked that nigga momma, huh
I came in this bitch with no genre, huh, huh
I'm on my way to the tippity-top
I'm so OP niggas think I'm an opp
Niggas love me, why the fuck would I stop?
I might get bored and just get into stocks
Shawty just gave me the slippery slop
I love black girls that listen to rock
Fuck you thinkin' tryna put me in box?

{Verse 3: Felix}

This ain't for containin', you stupid little hoe
Ain't no point in savin' when niggas up the score
I'm so good at sangin', the way I carry notes
They frame what I'm sayin', treat that like paintings
This not a handout, we not relayin'
Competition, all we do is dust it
I'm the type to hold her face, and fuck it
I'mma hold her hair up if she suck it

{Verse 4: Louie Pastel}

Leave her pussy looking like a musket (Yeah)
I'm really him, what the fuck is assumption? (Yeah)
I was getting 5-star shit for my luncheon (Yeah)
Keep on givin' me lip, I'mma bust it (Yeah)
I don’t really walk anywhere, I'mma float in (Yeah)
I'm a real night-mayor, bitch, put your vote in (Yeah)
Niggas gonna flinch in the bitch so I punch in (Yeah)
I'm a keep on doin' this shit 'til it soak in

PANIC!!! Lyrics – Paris Texas

Read the lyrics   PANIC!!! by Paris Texas. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Paris Texas. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  Paris Texas. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On 1. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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