On The Run Lyrics by Nina Nesbitt

Read On The Run Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Nina Nesbitt. It Official Music Video Has been Release Mar. 8, 2024 Day And Presen On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

“On the Run” could be a captivating track penned by the gifted musician Nina Nesbitt.Released on March 8, 2024, its official music video on YouTube presents an evocative narrative complementing the song’s poignant lyrics.

On The Run Lyrics by Nina Nesbitt

On The Run Lyrics by Nina Nesbitt

[Verse 1]
I lit a burning log
Left food out for the dogs and tiptoed down
I put the shoes on by the door
Those creakin’ wooden boards didn’t make a sound

Explanation of Verse 1
The speaker describes a scene of preparation, lighting a fire, leaving food for dogs, and moving quietly. They don’t want to make any noise, indicating a desire to leave discreetly. Despite missing someone’s touch, they feel they must move forward.

I’ll be thinkin’ of you, love
I’ll be missin’ your sweet touch
But I’ve got far to go

Explanation of Pre-chorus
The speaker recognizes their sentiments of yearning and lost somebody, but they express a sense of assurance to proceed their travel, proposing they have a reason that requires them to keep moving.

‘Cause I’m on the run
I’ve been standin’ still for way too long
I wanna live like I’m forever young
Tryna hold it down just ain’t no fun
I’ll pack a bag and leave before the sun
And I’ll take the long windin’ roads
And when they call, blame it on rock and roll
Start again, forget the things I’ve done
If they ask you where I’ve gone, I’m on the run
(I’m on the run, I’m on the run)

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus reveals the speaker’s desire for change and adventure. They feel stagnant and need to grasp a more energetic and carefree way of life. Pressing their sacks and hitting the street symbolizes their preparation to break free from schedule and investigate modern conceivable outcomes. They’re willing to trait their activities to the soul of shake and roll, proposing a defiant and unconstrained state of mind.

[Verse 2]
You’ve been a little lost
Workin’ ’round the clock towin’ the line
You’re in a world you don’t belong
Tryna find your way back home
But you could stay a while on the passenger side
There’s books to read and songs to write
If you wanna leave this town
I could turn the car around
You could say your goodbyes
Get outta here tonight

Explanation of Verse 2
Here, the focus shifts to someone else who is also feeling lost and trapped in their current situation.  They empower the individual to take off behind their inconveniences and connect them on a travel of self-discovery and opportunity.

Come on around
‘Cause you’ve been standin’ still for way too long
Life’s too short to not live while you’re young
Tryna hold it down just ain’t no fun
Let’s pack a bag and leave before the sun
And we’ll take the long windin’ roads
And drive up to the lochs I used to know
You can buy a postcard, write it to your mum
Sayin’ you miss her, but for now, you’re on the run
(I’m on the run)

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus repeats, emphasizing the theme of breaking free from constraints and living life to the fullest.The speaker welcomes the other individual to connect them in their journey for experience and fulfillment.

Try to hold me down, oh, I go home (I’m on the run)
Let’s leave this town tonight, come on the run
We could spend our lives on the run

Explanation of Outro
In the outro, the speaker reaffirms their determination to leave and encourages the listener to do the same. They recommend taking off town together and investing their lives on the run, inferring that opportunity and experience anticipate past the limits of their current circumstance.
By and large, “On the Run” may be a melody around freedom, suddenness, and the crave to break free from the impediments of daily life. It empowers audience members to grasp experience and live without laments, encapsulating the soul of shake and roll.


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