Number 2 Lyrics By Lil Tecca

Read Number 2 Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Lil Tecca Official Music Video Has been Release .May 3, 2024  And  Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Number 2 Lyrics By Lil Tecca

Number 2 Lyrics By Lil Tecca

[Intro: Rhegan Coursey]
Yeah, yeah, oh

Explanation of intro
The introductory lines, delivered by Rhegan Coursey, set the tone with a sense of anticipation and confidence.

[Chorus: Lil Tecca]
I don’t know if it’s you
I could tell the truth
I’m not in the mood, yeah (Yeah)
Tell me how you feel, tell me if it’s real
But that’s nothing new, yeah, on God
Bring that sh!t together
I could be the glue,
I could be the tool (I could be)
Now you tryna run the show
Tryna be my main
But you number two, yeah, woah
Every time they went and tried or something
It’s a man down, man down, man down
Better not bring your lil’ ho around
’cause she fanned out, fanned out, fanned out
I don’t know where I would be today
If I never went and took a chance now
But I know I had it planned out
Still going, we not even here now

Explanation of Chorus
Lil Tecca’s chorus reflects on honesty, moodiness, and authenticity in relationships. He questions whether his partner is being genuine with him and expresses his willingness to be the stabilizing force (“glue”) in the relationship. However, he’s wary of being taken for granted, asserting his value and positioning himself as the primary choice (“main”) rather than settling for second place. The repetition of “man down” suggests a dismissive attitude towards those who fail to measure up, while warning against bringing disloyal individuals (“lil’ ho”) around.

[Verse: Lil Tecca]
B!tch, I be on my own sh!t
Yeah, b!tch, I be on my own time
Oh, that’s your shawty?
Then how we still linking?
How come I hit that sh!t both times?
Asking me questions, “Tec, you really want me?”
Keep it a buck, I’m like “No, why?”
Baby, I’m not one of those guys
I need the guap and that soul tied
Yeah, see those, costed me couple Gs
C-notes to see me on the scene
You getting taxed if you not on the team
I do the most, but it’s showing a fee
It probably take a lot to tolerate me
It’s obvious, they love to change with the seasons
Only one life, I got only one reason
Said I do it, b!tch, I’m doing it, beasting

Explanation of Verse
In Lil Tecca’s verse, he asserts his independence and self-reliance, emphasizing that he operates on his own terms and schedule. He dismisses the notion of commitment, stating bluntly that he’s not interested in being tied down emotionally.He values fabric riches and insights at a value-based see of connections, where his time and consideration come at a taken a toll. Despite his seemingly detached demeanor, he acknowledges his drive for success (“beasting”) and remains focused on his goals.

[Outro: Rhegan Coursey]
They’re ’bout to play my song
They’re ’bout to play my song

Explanation of Outro
Outro:Rhegan Coursey’s outro adds a final flourish of confidence, suggesting that success and recognition are imminent.
The melody captures a mix of bravado, skepticism, and desire, with Lil Tecca stating his autonomy and esteem whereas exploring the complexities of connections and victory.It reflects a present day sensibility of self-assurance and flexibility within the confront of challenges.

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