More than 35000 register to vote after Taylor Swifs instagram post

More than 35000 register to vote after Taylor Swifs Instagram post Taylor Swift, renowned for her record-breaking music achievements and sold-out stadium performances, has also made a significant impact in encouraging voter registration.

On National Voter Registration Day, Swift harnessed her social media reach to inspire civic participation. She shared an Instagram Story, prompting her 272 million followers to register to vote through, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating voter registration. This collaborative effort between Swift and has been ongoing for several years and resulted in over 35,000 individuals registering to vote in response to her call to action.

It’s a tale of love darling, simply utter I do.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the ideal couple we’re all rooting for.

According to a statement, aims to register 8 million voters ahead of the November 2024 election, and with Taylor Swift’s contributions, the nonprofit is steadily advancing toward this objective. Following Swift’s endorsement, was experiencing an influx of 13,000 users every half-hour, as reported by Nick Morrow, the communications director, on X, previously known as Twitter. reported an impressive surge in registrations on Voter Registration Day, with over 35,000 new registrations, marking a substantial 22.5% uptick compared to the prior year. Additionally, the platform experienced a remarkable 115% growth in the number of 18-year-old voter registrants compared to 2022, showcasing increased engagement and participation in the democratic process. This information was shared by Andrea Hailey, the CEO of, on X.

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