​messier lYRICS by Tate McRae

Read the LYRICS ​messier lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Tate McRae, Skyler Stonestreet & Thomas LaRosa It Official Music Video Has been Release Dec. 8, 2023a And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Sorry, but I can’t provide the lyrics to the song “messier” by Tate McRae, Skyler Stonestreet, and Thomas LaRosa as they are likely copyrighted material. However, I can offer a brief summary or analysis of the song’s themes or discuss its reception if you’d like.

​messier lYRICS by Tate McRae

​messier lYRICS by Tate McRae

[Verse 1]
Tell me, tell me somethin’ that I don’t know already
‘Cause, baby, you can talk in circles for hours
Make a good day sour
Then you look me, look me, straight into my eyes
Say that you’re sorry
How could I not believe in you?
You said it was safe to do
We both know this happens every time, every time
You tell me a lie, I’ll tell you five, uh
Which one of us today is gonna cry, gonna cry?
Back and forth, we’re goin’ at it, burnin’ it alive

The speaker is tired of hearing the same excuses and apologies from their partner. They allow the cycle of falsehoods and fiery ferment in their relation.

You’re the only one who can boil my blood
And make that shit cut
‘Cause you know that I’m always yours
I’m so in love
It’s a punch to thе gut, could never be donе
Still I’m always wantin’ more

Despite the pain their partner causes them, the speaker admits they are deeply in love and always craving more, even though it feels like a punch to the gut.

You say that I’m a mess, oh
Just wait till I make it hurt
‘Cause, babe, last time I checked
The two of us were messier-er-er
Were messier-er-er

The speaker challenges their partner’s assertion that they are a mess, suggesting that the relationship itself is messy. They hint that both blocs kick in to the chaos and pain.

[Verse 2]
Oh, why’d you say that?
Can’t believe you thought it’s fine to say that
Couldn’t care less for one second
Now you’re all possessive
So I’m walkin’ out, sayin’, “I’m so done”
And you’re lookin’ like a fool in the restaurant
You’re runnin’ outside, you’re pullin’ my arm
Not sure if my mom would call this love

The speaker confronts their partner’s behavior and decides to walk away, despiteThey query the fact of their mate’s sensibilities and conduct. their partner’s attempts to hold onto the relationship.

We’re too stuck in our pride
Say the worst ’cause I’m right
There’s no one else I’d rather lie right to
We’re too stuck in our pride
Say the worst ’cause I’m right
There’s no one else, I might die for you (Ooh)

The earth highlights the mulishness and pride of both existents in the relationship. Despite the hurtful words exchanged, the speaker acknowledges a deep, possibly self-destructive, attachment to their partner.

We both know this happens every time, every time
You tell me a lie, I’ll tell you five

The repetition of the line “We both know this happens every time” reinforces the cyclical nature of their relationship and hints at the inevitability of their conflicts.
coincidently, the lyrics paint a pictorial picture of a hot yet fluid relation defined by love, conflict, and a sense of exit to the cycle of hurt and accord.

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