Maybe Man Lyrics – AJR

Maybe Man Lyrics – AJR

Read the lyrics Maybe Man Lyrics – AJR.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written by Adam Met, Jack Met & Ryan Met.Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On November 10, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.


Wish I Was A Stone So I Couldn’t Feel
You’d Yell In My Face, It’d Be No Big Deal
But I’d Miss The Way We Make Up And Smile
Don’t Wanna Be Stone, I Changed My Mind

I Wish I Had Eyes In The Back Of My Head
Then I Could See The Places I’ve Been
But Then I Would Know That You’re Talkin’ Shit
I Don’t Wanna Know What My Friends Think

Wish I Were My Dog Out On The Lawn
I’d Be So Glad When I Hear You Come Home
But If I Were My Dog, I Wouldn’t Live Long
I’m Sure Gonna Miss Her When She’s Gone

I Wish I Could Act In A Show On Tv
’cause Then I Could Practice Not Bein’ Me
I’ll Practice My Cry, Put It Into My Reel
But You Won’t Believe Me When I Cry For Real

I Wish That My Brain Would Triple In Size
I’d Nail Every Joke, I’d Win Every Fight
But I’d Get Too Deep With That Kind Of Mind
I Don’t Wanna Know The Point Of Life

In Some Other Life, I Would Be Rich
I’d Travel In Style, I’d Cover The Bill
But Couldn’t Complain ’bout Anything Small
Nobody’d Feel Bad For Me At All

If I Was Cocaine Or A Bottle Of Jack
I’d Get Invited To Every Frat
But When You Get Old And Your Good Days Are Passed
You’ll Only Want Me When You’re Sad

Wish I Was A Song, Your Favorite One
You’d Follow The Dance To Me At Your Prom
I Would Be There When Your Baby Is Born
For Two Or Three Minutes, Then I’m Gone

I Wish I Was Big, As Big As My House
I’d Sleep On The Trees, I’d Skip Every Crowd
But I Wouldn’t Fit On My Therapist’s Couch
God, I Could Really Use Him Now

I Wish I Was God, I’d Never Trip Up
And If I Did, Well, So Fuckin’ What?
I Could Be Cruel And Break All Your Stuff
Yeah, I’d Be Loved No Matter What

But If I Was God, It’d Get Kinda Weird
’cause You Would Only Say What I Wanna Hear
And Then You Would Die, You’d Love Me To Death
I’d Never Know Who The Hell I Am


I Wish I Was Me, Whoever That Is
I Could Just Be And Not Give A Shit
Hey, I’ll Be Whatever Makes You A Fan
’cause I Don’t Know Who The Hell I Am

One, Two, Pandemonium
One, Two, Pandemonium
Here I Go Again
One, Two, Pandemonium
Here I Go Again
One, Two, Pandemonium
One, Two
Here I Go Again

Maybe Man Song Credits:

Song: Maybe Man
Album: The Maybe Man
Band/Singer: AJR
Lead Vocals: AJR
Written By: Adam Met, Jack Met & Ryan Met
Music Produced By: Ryan Met
Music Label: AJR
Featuring Artist: AJR
Music Video Director: Edoardo Ranaboldo
Release Date:
November 10, 2023

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