Matthias Schweighofer on Gal Godots Heart of Stone

Tom Harper and Matthias Schweighofer dig into the new Netflix action film and the possibility of sequels

Matthias Schweighofer on Gal Godots Heart of Stone In a recent Netflix release Heart of Stone director Tom Harper and actor Matthias Schweighofer sit down with Kyle Meredith to delve deep into the heart-pounding film starring Gal Gadot.

Their conversation not only explores the thrilling action sequences but also delves into the profound parallels between the movie’s themes and the ongoing discussions about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and its imminent impact on their respective crafts.

Amidst the adrenaline-fueled moments featuring Gadot, Matthias Schweighofer reflects on the intricacies of his character, shedding light on the contrast between the intimate acting moments he was able to master and the heart-racing action scenes.

Matthias also offers a glimpse into his character’s world by sharing his ideal song for the perfect action sequence, dropping a subtle hint that it’s a classic from the legendary Rod Stewart.

Meanwhile Tom Harper reveals the surprising choice of I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner as the backdrop for one of the films more humorous moments.

With the prospect of a potential franchise hanging in the balance, the duo shares their thoughts on the matter, contemplating what a future installment might entail, especially in terms of a slow-motion action scene featuring Matthias Schweighofer.

Please watch the interview provided above and then proceed to view the trailer below.


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