Love Is Blinds Aaliyah Cosby Reflects on Walking Away From Uche Okorocha

Love Is Blinds Aaliyah Cosby Reflects on Walking Away From Uche Okorocha Uche Okorocha felt a sense of unease upon learning that his Love Is Blind romantic interest, Aaliyah Cosby, had a history of infidelity. Ironically, he had kept his own experience with cheating hidden.

In the inaugural episode of Love Is Blind season 5, Aaliyah, aged 29, candidly revealed to Uche, aged 34, that she had once cheated on a previous boyfriend due to a lack of intimacy in their relationship. Uche was taken aback by her openness, especially when he discovered that she had cheated relatively recently, just two years before their participation in the pod experiment.

In the subsequent episodes, a surprising twist occurred when it came to light that Uche had a prior relationship with Lydia Velez Gonzalez before the production of Love Is Blind. Speaking to Us Weekly, Aaliyah admitted that, looking back, Uche’s attempts to keep this information hidden were a significant cause for concern.

Aaliyah shared with Us in an exclusive interview before the premiere of season 5 on Friday, September 22, saying, “I believe that as we move forward in life, each of us carries a unique past and personal history into our relationships. It’s inevitable that we bring with us not just our experiences, but also the lessons we’ve learned, and sometimes even past traumas. These are things we’ll need to navigate and work through with a new partner, but it’s not necessarily about carrying baggage. It’s about the journey of growth and healing.”

Aaliyah elaborated that she was prepared to share her personal encounter with infidelity during the initial stages of the pods. “I was willing to be candid,” the ICU travel nurse expressed. “In marriage, there are many challenges to navigate, requiring compromise and problem-solving. I was open to addressing these difficult issues.”

Considering the accelerated nature of Love Is Blind, Aaliyah emphasized that participants needed to be absolutely certain about their proposal decisions.

Aaliyah and Uche initially managed to address Aaliyah’s history of infidelity, but they struggled to overcome Uche’s previous involvement with Lydia. In episode four, a tearful Aaliyah learned from 32-year-old Lydia just how intimate Uche’s past connection with her had been. Lydia vividly recounted specific memories, including details about Uche’s dog, his three-story house, and the Tesla car he owned. She dropped the bombshell that they had a romantic encounter a mere three months before they entered the experiment.


Aaliyah wasted no time and headed straight to the pods to confront Uche about his past relationship with Lydia. In the episode, Uche admitted, “If I had wanted to be in a relationship with Lydia, I would have been in a relationship with Lydia.”

In the end, Uche had a proposal in mind for Aaliyah, but she made the choice to depart from Love Is Blind prematurely.

Aaliyah explained her decision to Us, saying, “What ultimately led me to leave the reality TV show and Uche was a profound sense of emotional insecurity I was feeling as I approached the prospect of an engagement.”

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