Love Birds Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

Love Birds Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By ScHoolboy Q, Devin Malik, J.LBS, Oren Yoel & Skhye Hutch. Music Track Was Released Date :Mar. 1, 2024

Love Birds Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

[Intro: Lance Skiiiwalker & ScHoolboy Q]
And girl, I acknowledge that
I mistreated you—

Explanation of Intro
The song starts with Lance Skiiiwalker acknowledging that he mistreated someone, likely a romantic partner.

[Interlude: ScHoolboy Q]
Biatch, haha
Suu (Su)
Rrrh, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Suu, yeah
Aw-aw-aw (Aw)
Yeah, yeah
Huh, huh

Explanation of Interlude
ScHoolboy Q interjects with ad-libs, adding his signature style to the track.

[Verse 1: ScHoolboy Q]
Made at least ’bout three hundred, that’s what got me here (Yeah)
Then I’m fresh in, fresh out, just like my magic years
Better rinse out your mouth and get your homie pierced (Suu)
Got a house full of whores, ain’t no niggas here (Yeah)
Got a NASCAR, get floored, I’m an engineer
Got a spaceship, go orb, ain’t no limit near (Orb)
Heard that new shit was bore, nigga disappear
Think I need the time out
Think it’s titty time now
Put them pretty whites down
In my city right now? (Hmm)
Let me find out, yeah, let me find out (Ooh)
I’ma get a whole new scene
Get you a whole new team (Yeah)
Get you a whole new ring (Yeah)
Get you a whole new thing
I’m really as cool as I seem
I’m good with the hook, Hakeem
I’m good with the book, Rahim
I’m a grown-ass man, no jeans
Got a brand new bitch, new thing
Got a neck full of purp’, no lean
Got a back full of hurt, I dream
Tell the judge don’t do it, just free ’em
(Free the locs, cuh)

Explanation of  Verse 1
ScHoolboy Q talks about his success, referencing making money and living a lavish lifestyle.He notices having a house full of ladies and reveling in abundances like quick cars and costly belonging. He reflects on his past botches and insights at needing to alter his ways.

[Chorus: Lance Skiiiwalker & Devin Malik]
Ooh, oo-oh
(Wrong, wrong, wrong)
And girl, I acknowledge that
I mistreated you—

Explanation of  Chorus
The chorus emphasizes Lance Skiiiwalker’s acknowledgment of mistreatment towards his partner.

[Verse 2: Devin Malik & ScHoolboy Q]
Life getting harder than my dick inside your bitch (Suu)
Said “Fuck the radio”, we tryna sound like this
NBA money, we don’t need your Air Jordans (Yeah, yeah)
Washed up aesthetic, we just waiting for the end
Jesus, forgive ’em for they motherfuckin’ sins (Yeah, yeah)
I’m just tryna stay up in the background like ad-libs (Su)
Hoes in the lobby, they just want to better live
I bust that bitch, she gonna swallow all these kids
Bitch said my dick so pretty, and she got them cheeks like Lizzy
And the life I live too risky, better tap in in my city
In the bathroom, need that quickie, but it’s only if you miss me
But if not, it ain’t no biggie, gotta show me that you with me

Explanation of  Verse 2
Devin Malik takes over the verse, discussing the difficulties of life and his disdain for conforming to societal norms. . ScHoolboy Q adds a few lines, further elaborating on his past mistakes and his desire for redemption.

[Pre-Chorus: Devin Malik]
I show myself the world again
I show myself the world again
Show myself to God again
Show myself the world again
Show myself the world again (Ooh, oo-oh)

Explanation of  Pre-Chorus
Devin Malik reflects on showing himself to the world again and seeking forgiveness from God.

[Chorus: Lance Skiiiwalker, Devin Malik, Both, ScHoolboy Q]
And girl, I acknowledge that
I mistreated you wrong (Wrong, wrong, wrong)
Ayy, I was wrong, make it up to you
Left along, gave me time, I grew
Lingered in my mind all day
Lovin’ you all kind of—
Girl, I acknowledge that
I mistreated you wrong (Wrong, wrong, wrong)
But girl, I got you back
As they’re putting our song on (Song, song)
(Yeah, yeah, one-two, two, mic, blue)

Explanation of  Chorus
The chorus repeats, emphasizing acknowledgment of mistreatment and the desire to make amends.

[Verse 3: Lance Skiiwalker]
Temptation, girl, got the best of me
Come in here, you my destiny
Flirting girls all next to me
Trying my best, I admit—
I was wrong, what more to say?
Feeling bad all kinda ways
Make it up baby, pick the phone
Coming home, come

Explanation of  Verse 3
Lance Skiiiwalker admits to succumbing to temptation and mistreating his partner. He communicates lament and a crave to create things right.

[Chorus: Lance Skiiiwalker]
Girl, I acknowledge that
I mistreated you wrong
Know, I acknowledge that
Treated you wrong
Hey, I acknowledge that, that
Treated wrong, wrong
Hey girl, that’s why I loved her
Yeah, yeah
Hey, girl, I swear I acknowledge that
Acknowledge that—

Explanation of  Chorus
The chorus repeats again, reinforcing the theme of acknowledging past wrongs and seeking forgiveness.

By and large, the tune “Off-base” investigates subjects of lament, recovery, and the results of abuse in connections.

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