Lost Times Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

Read Lost Times Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By ScHoolboy Q, Jozzy, The Alchemist & DJ Fu. It Official Music Video Has been Release Mar. 1, 2024 Day And Presen On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Lost Times Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

Lost Times Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

[Intro: ScHoolboy Q]
I feel blessed, had the bread stash
I woke up feelin’ saucy, blew the whole bag, uh
Get your hood maxed
Two kids, same baby momma, all black

Explanation of Intro
The intro sets the tone with ScHoolboy Q expressing gratitude for his blessings and reflecting on his past experiences. He mentions rousing up feeling secure and giving plutocrat freely, while also citing his liabilities as a father.

You know me though, alcohol and God and all that shit that comes involved with it
Takes time, man, you know what I mean
I got some screws loose in this thing, you heard what I mean
Takes some time, but it’s gon’ be the one though
And that’s just how it works

Explanation of Interlude
The interlude features ScHoolboy Q reflecting on his personal growth and struggles with alcohol and spirituality. He acknowledges his defects and the kicks he faces, sounding sanguinity for the future despite his marks.

[Verse 1: ScHoolboy Q]
Slid through the many nights
I never met many like I
Say she like girls that want mines
Fuck on her friends, I might not
Niggas stand clear when I drop
Niggas gon’ learn when I talk
You see thеy move when I march
God, credit, blеss, love, the realest
My thugs, my niggas, drugs and killers
How you hate me with a smile, my nigga?
You foul, my nigga
You turned love into a cow, my nigga, ayy
Pop, I did it, the block, I slid it
You hatin’, I figured, no sleep on my pillow
You broke and a bum, the worst of the scum
Was dappin’ your son, he know how I won
You see how I come, you see how I’m clutch
The only of us, pfft, uh
Slid through the many nights
I never met many like I
You mention Q, and they lie
I know I’m great in they eyes
The first Hoover that flied, I

Explanation of Verse 1
In the first verse, ScHoolboy Q reflects on his experiences and interactions with others. He asserts his identity and self-trust, noting that people pay attention when he speaks. The lyrics touch upon themes of fancy, fidelity, and tone- eye, as ScHoolboy Q navigates his connections and asserts his worth.

[Chorus: Jozzy & ScHoolboy Q]
I’ma put my fingers in the air for the lost times
Twist one and I put it in the air for the lost times (Yeah)
I’ma throw this money everywhere for the lost times (Su, su, su, su, su)
I’ma get to bustin’ in the air for the lost times (Pop, pop, pop)
(Suu, su, su, su)

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus features Jozzy and ScHoolboy Q expressing their willingness to celebrate and reflect on past struggles.They fess the rigors they have faced and the assignments they have learned, expressing a sense of pliability and firmness.

[Verse 2: ScHoolboy Q]
Slid through the many nights, uh
Givin’ you plenty life, uh
Death and beauty all alike
I tried so many times, like, how else I’ma climb the height? Uh
Who knew I’d be dynamite, uh?
You keepin’ it shade (You keepin’ it shade)
I’m tryna shine all the light, uh
Yeah, on the gang, look
I learned the most when I get calls from a cell
We all need help, but first we must believe in ourselves
We all want wealth right (Right), but first we gotta learn how to fail
We all seen Hell, right, so tell me then what’s better than Hell?
Oh, wait, uh, no matter what we livin’ it up, uh (We livin’ it up)
Life is what you make it, and it, it still ain’t enough (It still ain’t—)
Uh, yo, on God in Heaven, this how I rock though (Suu)
The homies didn’t believe me until I slid with you, right? (Right)
My momma, she didn’t believe until I wrote pictures right, uh (Right?)
Got a call about some hate, you still my dawg, nigga, right (Uh)
But instead of extended your hand, you want me to dig with you
Like— (Aight)

Explanation of Verse 2
In the second verse, ScHoolboy Q continues to reflect on his journey and the challenges he’s overcome. He emphasizes the weight of tone- belief and perseverance, admitting the support he is entered from others along the way.
collectedly,” Slidin” by ScHoolboy Q is a broody and introspective song that explores themes of perseverance, pliability, and particular growth. The lyrics depict ScHoolboy Q’s trip to success, pressing the kicks he is faced and the readings he is learned along the way.


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