Lose My Breath Lyrics By Stray Kids ft. Charlie Puth

Read Lose My Breath Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Stray Kids ft. Charlie Puth Official Music Video Has been Release May 10, 2024 And PresOn The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Lose My Breath Lyrics By Stray Kids ft. Charlie Puth

Lose My Breath Lyrics By Stray Kids ft. Charlie Puth

[Intro: Charlie Puth]
‘Cause when our eyes lock
It’s like my heart stops

Explanation of Intro
Charlie Puth sets the stage by describing the intense effect the other person has on him when they lock eyes.

[Verse 1: Bang Chan]
It only took me a moment
And now I’m imprisoned to your touch (Woah)
I don’t know where it’s going now
But I know, I need your love

Explanation of Verse
Bang Chan expresses how quickly he became captivated by the other person’s touch, feeling imprisoned by their allure and needing their love.

[Pre-Chorus: Han]
Now, I’ll always be here, I won’t ever run
‘Cause you took the air right out of my lungs

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
Pre-Chorus:Han declares his commitment to staying by the other person’s side, emphasizing how they’ve taken his breath away. Charlie Puth and later Seungmin & I.N describe the sensation of losing their breath and feeling like their heart stops when the other person enters the room, highlighting the overwhelming effect of their presence.

[Post-Chorus: Charlie Puth]
Now, all I think about is how
My world turned upside down
Ah, I lose my breath when you’re walking in
‘Cause when our eyes lock, it’s like my heart stops

Explanation of Post-Chorus
The post-chorus repeats the theme of feeling breathless and the world turning upside down when encountering the person they’re infatuated with.

[Verse 2: Hyunjin & Felix]
Right now, I feel like dying and I’m lying
On the tilings when you walk in the room
Freezing but you’re steaming
Yeah, you catch my breath every time you make a move
Can you be a part of my life?
Girl, I need you right by my side
When I look at your eyes
I’m out of breath (I’m out of breath)

Explanation of Verse 2
Hyunjin & Felix describe feeling frozen yet steaming in the presence of the other person, expressing a desire for them to be a part of their life and feeling breathless when looking into their eyes.

[Bridge: Felix, Bang Chan & Charlie Puth]
Oh, I feel like there’s something coming over me
I feel like there’s something coming over me
Oh, I feel like there’s something coming over me
Over me, over me
Your lips on my lips make me lose my, ah, ah
Baby, keep ’em there ’til there’s no air in my chest
I lose my breath

Explanation of Bridge
Felix, Bang Chan & Charlie Puth talk about the overwhelming sensation coming over them when they’re with the other person, emphasizing the physical effect of their touch and how it makes them lose their breath.

[Outro: Charlie Puth]
Baby, I lose my, lose my breath, yeah

Explanation of Outro
Charlie Puth reiterates the sentiment of losing his breath when near the other person, emphasizing the intense physical and emotional impact they have on him.
The song conveys the overwhelming sensation of magnet and passion, where the bare presence of the other person leaves them feeling breathless and their heart skipping a beat.

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