Lana Del Rey Lyrics – Paris Texas

{Intro: Louie Pastel}

Watch yo mouth, I am not the one
Fantasies playing with a gun
American Spirits stay on my lungs
Two years in, I've held my tongue (Hold up, okay)

{Verse 1: Louie Pastel}

Two-oh-twenty-one, I was stomping in this bitch
I was gonna change lives when I dreamed of getting rich
I got a whole bag, then I turned into a trick
I can’t help myself, I’ve been thinking with my dick
I get way too paranoid, no more za when I smoke
Back to back tobacco, nigga, not too long 'fore I croak
Brixton on me, I be looking like a bloke
Y’all can’t tell me shit, every song is on—

{Break: Louie Pastel, Felix}

Go, go
(Aye, aye, chill! Aye, I swear to God I'm so sick and tired of these niggas, dawg)
Go (Ayе, put that on my mama like–Aye, aye, nah, for rеal)

{Verse 2: Felix, Louie Pastel}

I don't use a pen, I use a Epipen now, for real, for real
I’m allergic to these lames dawg, for real, for real
Toxicity, got it from hood trauma, for real, for real
Love and compassion from hood mommas, for real
Okay, big dreams, wide-eyed, head in the clouds, skydive
Say the shit but never do it, no sir, not I
She run her mouth, it's evident
You never hear the end of it
Yeah, her brain a ten but the bitch asinine
Man, these niggas washed up (Aye)
And I’m cool with that (Okay)
Don't connect with what you saying cause yo service trash (I don't know)
I’m in a puffer coat made under a London flag (Aye, aye)
Tryna find out where I'm at, nigga, Google Maps (Maps)
Okay, street view—oh my God, he in a bag (Oh my God)
I like ratchet hoes, pretty face, plenty ass (Oh my God)
Why the fuck these hoes never cool with they dad? (With they dad)
I need to run it back (Yeah) I need to run it, wait–

{Break: Louie Pastel}

Go, go
Go, go
Go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

{Outro: Louie Pastel}

Let it go, your time is up
I’m on the road, I’m counting up
They picked us, so big me up
Or shut it up, I’m on a roll
I'm on a–
I can’t forget, I hold a grudge
Like a new born, bitch, i’m from the mud
Give me your hoe, I'mma slut her up
Can’t go against us, niggas really up

Lana Del Rey Lyrics – Paris Texas

Read the lyrics   Lana Del Rey by Paris Texas. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Paris Texas. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  Paris Texas. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 21, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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