Knock Yourself Out XD Lyrics

ReadKnock Yourself Out XD Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written ByPorter Robinson It Official Music Video Has been Release April 24, 2024Day And Pres On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

The song delves into themes of identity and fameoffering a regard into Robinson’s introspective trip. With its catchy beats and poignant lyrics, it invites listeners to reflect on the complications of ultramodern life.

Knock Yourself Out XD Lyrics

Knock Yourself Out XD Lyrics

[Verse 1: Porter Robinson]
I threw my phone into the sea
Simple human being
Wouldn’t know how to brush my teeth
Without asking my team
Living in the afterglow of everything you feel
But, baby, I’m a short-lived joke
As soulless as I seem

Explanation of Verse 1
Porter Robinson describes throwing his phone into the sea, symbolizing a desire to disconnect from the pressures of constant communication and reliance on technology.He mentions feeling like a” short- lived joke” and implies a sense of emptiness despite outside appearances.In the chorus, Robinson questions why someone would continue to let themselves be disappointed if he is indeed everything they talk about. He suggests facing oneself in the mirror and expressing emotions honestly.

[Verse 2: Porter Robinson]
Don’t know my schedule on the fifth
B!tch, I’m Taylor Swift
Got a hundred million on my wrist
Physically sick
Crying at the airport
“I’m sorry, can I get a pic?”
Telling me a sad story
Another reason not to quit

Explanation of Verse 2
Robinson contrasts his own lifestyle with a reference to Taylor Swift, highlighting the excess and superficiality in his life, such as expensive jewelry and the constant demand for attention from fans. Despite this, he acknowledges moments of vulnerability and connection with others.

[Post-Chorus: Porter Robinson]
(Four, three, two, one)

Explanation of Post-Chorus
The countdown (“Four, three, two, one”) adds a sense of anticipation or urgency to the song

[Verse 3: Porter Robinson]
I wear a big smile, got a drink in my hand
I got a face tattoo, I’m not a regular man
You gotta hold on, I’ll tell you ’bout it again
I got a brand new feeling in the back of my head
I wear a big smile, got a drink in my hand
I drive a new Bugatti, not a Mercedes Benz
You gotta hold on, I’ll tell you ’bout it again
I got a brand new feeling in the back of my head
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Explanation of Verse 3
Robinson continues to portray a facade of confidence and extravagance, mentioning a face tattoo and expensive car. However, he hints at a deeper struggle or inner conflict (“a brand new feeling in the back of my head”), suggesting that beneath the surface, he may be grappling with uncertainty or dissatisfaction.
Even though he seems confident and flashy, he admits there are times when he feels weak and forms bonds with others.

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