​intro end of the world Lyrics by Ariana Grande

​intro (end of the world) Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Lizzy Ariana Grande, Shintaro Yasuda, Nick Lee & Aaron Paris.The Music Track Was Released Date :Mar. 8, 2024

intro end of the world Lyrics by Ariana Grande


Explanation of Intro
The “Uh” at the beginning is likely an ad-lib or an expression of hesitation or contemplation, setting the tone for the introspective nature of the song.

How can I tell if I’m in the right relationship?
Aren’t you really s’posed to know that shit?
Feel it in your bones and own that shit? I don’t know
Then I had this interaction I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout for like five weeks
Wonder if he’s thinkin’ ’bout it too and smiling
Wonder if he knows that that’s been what’s inspirin’ me
Wonder if he’s judgin’ me like I am right now

Explanation of  Verse 
The verse opens with a rhetorical question about determining if one is in the right relationship. The speaker expresses uncertainty about whether one should inherently “know” if a relationship is right for them, suggesting that it’s not always a clear-cut feeling. They reflect on a particular interaction that has lingered in their mind for weeks, wondering if their partner also thinks about it and if it has had the same impact on them. There’s a self-awareness of their own judgmental thoughts about the situation.

I don’t care
I’d rather tell the truth (Truth)
Than make it worse for you, mm (You)

Explanation of Pre-Chorus
The pre-chorus reflects a willingness to prioritize honesty in the relationship, even if it may cause discomfort or tension. The speaker values honesty over maintaining a strategic distance from potential struggle or harmed sentiments.

If the sun refused to shine
Baby, would I still be your lover?
Would you want me there?
If the moon went dark tonight
And if it all ended tomorrow
Would I be the one on your mind, your mind, your mind?
And if it all ended tomorrow
Would you be the one on mine?

Explanation of  Chorus
The chorus presents a series of hypothetical scenarios to probe the depth of the relationship.The speaker questions whether their partner’s cherish would persevere indeed in case outside circumstances changed significantly, such as on the off chance that the sun halted sparkling or in case the moon vanished. These questions serve to survey the quality and strength of the bond between the speaker and their accomplice.The repetition of “your mind, your mind, your mind” emphasizes the focus on the partner’s thoughts and feelings. The final line flips the perspective, asking if the partner would be similarly preoccupied with thoughts of the speaker if the relationship were to end suddenly.

By and large, the verses investigate the complexities of sentimental connections, counting questions, frailties, and the crave for consolation and commitment. They touch upon subjects of contemplation, trustworthiness, and the explore for genuine association.

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