Indigo Freestyle – Wiz Khalifa

Read the lyrics The Indigo Freestyle – Wiz Khalifa Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written by Wiz Khalifa. Is Its Official Music Video Has been Released On November 1, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel.

The song opens with an asking question, hatching a laid- back and informal tone. The artist suggests the potential of smoking and emphasizes particular alternative. The lyrics snappily claw into a portrayal of a relationship or encounter with a woman from the 2000s, highlighting her fashion alternatives and the artist’s abundance of romantic interests. The preface introduces a mix of confidence, luxury, and a carefree station, setting the platform for the verses that follow.

Indigo Freestyle - Wiz Khalifa

Indigo Freestyle – Wiz Khalifa

Uh, do you wanna smoke? That’s your decision
She from the 2000’s, she rock True Religions
I don’t know your name, I got too many bitches
She eating me up, she don’t wanna do dishes
Want a boss, she don’t fuck with no goofy
We go out and I put her in Gucci
Take it out, park and let’s make it a movie
Rolling up biggie and rocking Coogi
Come to my closet, got all kinds of drip
I done spent hundreds of thousands on fits
Can’t rock designer because she too thick
If she a diva, I put her in Rick
Is she a baddie or not? I could tell
Girl, these two C’s for Celine, not Chanel
Gеt it from runway, don’t buy what they sell
From the nigga who usеd to design what I sell
Like bitch, pull off the tag, you don’t know what I spent
I’m rocking that Vet’ and my girl rock Balenc’
Pull off the lot and you know what I’m in
Like bitch, if I smoke a zip that’s a business expense
You ain’t fucking? Don’t get in the whip
My daddy’s a boss and my mama’s a pimp
Wanna do shots, she the life of the party
Like fashion, I put her in Marni
Rolling up weed, baby think we the Marley’s
This a AP, this ain’t a Carti
She give me dome then I put her in chrome
If she don’t then I’m sending her home
Can’t even talk all that shit ’cause you broke
And you need Wi-Fi to answer your phone
She might be a model
She likes tequila shots straight out the bottle
If you fucking you might get a follow
We like to mix up the chrome with the Prada
We like to mix up the weed and the shroomies
We like to flip up the chains and the jewelry
We like to buy it all when it’s still new
We like the chicks in the shades with the Louis
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Explanation of verse:
The first verse delves into the artist’s life, depicting encounters with colorful women and showcasing a partiality for high- end style. The lyrics touch on themes of wealth, profusion, and an incurious station towards material effects. The artist references designer brands, precious outfits, and a favorite for a certain aesthetic. The verse paints a picture of a protagonist living a lavish and affluent life, unapologetically adoring the finer effects in life.

Explanation of Chorus:
While the lyrics do not explicitly advert a chorus, the duplicating theme of enjoying life’s delectations, whether through fashion, beings, or connections, can be accounted the central motif. The chorus, if immediate, likely reinforces the carefree and hedonistic life portrayed in the verses, creating a memorable and dramatic element for listeners to connect with.

We like to buy it all when it’s still new
We like the chicks in the shades with the Louis
We like to buy it all when it’s still new
We like the chicks in the shades with the Louis
Taylor Gang the whole world

Explanation of Outro:
The outro brings the song to a close by reiterating crucial themes. It emphasizes the preference for new and fashionable particulars, specifically adverting tones with the Louis Vuitton brand. The repetition of the desire to buy new things suggests a nonstop chase of luxury and style. The reference to Taylor Gang in the outro serves as a hand sign- off, aligning the song with a specific musical collective or shifting.

The song offers a regard into the artist’s extravagant and hedonistic life. It revolves around themes of wealth, fashion, and the pursuit of pleasure. The lyrics depict a graphic picture of a protagonist who’s unapologetically immersed in a world of luxury, from developer apparel to expensive accessories. The unconcerned station towards relationships and material effects is a duplicating motif, and the outro provides a memorable conclusion with a nod to the artist’s affiliation with Taylor Gang. Overall, the song serves as a celebration of substance and a confirmation to the artist’s bold and soft life.

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