I Saw Her and She Hit Me Like Lyrics

Read the LYRICS I Saw Her and She Hit Me Like Lyrics.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Conor Mason, Dom Craik & Joe Langridge-Brown. It Official Music Video Has been Release March 2, 2024 Day And PresentOn The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Yeeah, ooh, yeh
Ayy, ayy, ayy, oh, ahh
Ayy, ayy, ahh, ahh
Ayy, ayy, ay, oh, ahh
Ayy, ayy, ahh, ahh

Explanation of Intro
The intro sets the tone with energetic ad-libs and the repeated word “Tadow,” possibly representing the impact or surprise of encountering someone remarkable.

[Verse 1]
I saw her and she hit me like (Tadow)
Saw that thing so beautiful (Tadow)
She just hit my heart, oh (Tadow)
Full force and she got me like (Tadow)

Explanation of Verse 1
The narrator describes encountering a woman who immediately captivates them with her beauty (“Saw her and she hit me like (Tadow)”).

I be like (Tadow) Baby (Tadow)
Why you so fine? (Tadow, tadow)
Gotta make you mine (Tadow, tadow)
So hard to find (Tadow, tadow)

Explanation of Pre-chorus
In the pre-chorus, the narrator expresses admiration for the woman’s beauty and expresses a desire to make her theirs, despite acknowledging the difficulty in finding someone like her.

[Verse 2]
Baby like oh, how’d you do the thing?
The way that you do it and she ain’t even show, nothing
She be walking round so confident, so heaven-sent

Explanation of Verse 2
The narrator continues to marvel at the woman’s allure, wondering how she effortlessly commands attention without even trying.

I think she was meant to knock ’em dead like (Tadow, tadow)
Like (Tadow, tadow)
Girl you so fine (Tadow) Ooh (Tadow, tadow)
Girl you acting like oh (Tadow, tadow)
Baby so fine (Tadow, tadow)
Mrs. Lady (Tadow, tadow) Girl you knock ’em dead (Tadow, tadow)
Ohh yeah

Explanation of Chorus
The glee club celebrates the woman’s faculty to allure and enthrall everyone around her. The dinned use of” Tadow” reinforces her impact, while the narrator expresses favor and love for her.

[Verse 3]
She was so sublime, super fine
She was never lying
Strutting in her heels, or her slides, either way
Eyes on her every single day, week, year
Everyone wondering how she does it with no fear
All that confidence was it heaven-sent?
Does it come within?
Does it come run out? I don’t know
She’ll just have ’em runnin’ out and in
Man they want to sin, talking deadly sin
With Mrs. lady, I don’t understand
Why she hit ’em like (Tadow, tadow)

Explanation of Verse 3
In this verse, the narrator elaborates on the woman’s confidence and beauty, suggesting that it’s something innate to her.


Explanation of Outro
The outro repeats the word “Tadow,” emphasizing the lasting impression the woman makes on everyone she encounters.
collectedly,” Tadow” is a fun and upbeat ode to a lady who exudes aplomb and charm, leaving a eternal impact on those around her.

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