Hard On Myself Lyrics – DDG




I wanna be the biggest, I'm hard on myself
Smokin' relievin' tension, I swear that it's hard on my health
Every friendship come with intentions, I'm trustin' myself
Not trustin' nobody else, yeah
Everybody just want a piece of the pie
If I'm the only one feedin' them, do they starve when I die?
Ever since I lost my brother, man, niggas barely would cry
Sad thoughts in my memory that I forget when I'm high
Datin' celebrities can get overly strеssed
Niggas will envy you and fans start to fuck with you less
Told hеr we should just split up to get this shit off the 'net
They was tryna crucify me for an innocent text
Like we actually linked, all the internet cap
I sent that message while in front of her, a tit for a tat
But I ain't think that she would screenshot and post it at that
Back and forth on Twitter, how the fuck I'm 'posed to react?
Oh, I forgot, I'm famous, can't respond to the hate
I'm around the heavy hitters and I'm holdin' my weight
Industry parties with billionaires, surrounded by greats
That shit make me less excited about the M's in my bank
Doin' videos on the 'net, but I'd rather just rap
One day, I'ma take that leap of faith and just focus on that
But the money that I'm gettin' crazy, I can't even cap
Streamin' niggas gettin' fifty million to chill and react, yeah
If I catch another hit, I'ma stop and go ghost
If I can make 100K a show, I never would post
Niggas say that I'm the G.O.A.T., to me, I'm regular folk
I'm humble, I know
Older women, they love me, they say I'm mature
Only twenty-five, but she can tell that my future secure
Younger women always indecisive, they always unsure
I'ma break your heart before we fuck up, your organs insured
Lie to me once, I never would treat you the same
If you fuck with me, then you gon' love it, your ex was a lame
Really introverted, but for money, I do entertain
Focus on the dollars and the passion, it came with the fame
Never needed help from anybody, I do it myself
Wanna be the biggest in this shit, so I'm hard on myself
All new friends got intentions, I'm trustin' myself
Not nobody else

Hard On Myself Lyrics – DDG

Read the lyrics   Hard On Myself by DDG. It Is A Brand New English Song Of DDG. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By  DDG. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 14, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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