Germany 86 Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

Germany 86 Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By TaeBeast, Jackie Members, ScHoolboy Q, Richard Poindexter & Robert Poindexter.The Music Track Was Released Date :Mar. 1, 2024

Germany 86 Lyrics by ScHoolboy Q

It was love that brought you here to me
He-ey, he-ey, he-ey, he-ey
Yeah, uh, uh

Explanation of Intro
“It was love that brought you here to me” – This line sets the tone for the emotional journey that follows, suggesting that love is a driving force behind the speaker’s experiences.

I feel leveled, I’m good, my head better, I’m straight
My mom stayed workin’ late, she taught me how to be great
My superhero’s a woman, you know she served for this country
Sent her back to the Hoovers, left her son for the shooters
We in the streets playin’ catch, I guess we comin’ up nеxt, uh
I guess we comin’ up next, I guеss we growin’ up stressed
By ten years, we was 30, watchin’ your homie get stretched
Watchin’ your homie get X’ed out and bleed through his flesh
I feel leveled, I’m straight, my head better, I’m good
My babysitter knew I had the strap on contact
My dawg beat life, didn’t snitch and I’m proud of that
He finally came home, gon’ ball again, all of that, on God, uh
My baby momma know I’m a dawg, I’ll be home again
I’m sorry for the silence, I’ma make up those promises
The way you keep this whole shit together, for sure, we lit
Oh god, yeah, yeah
I see they jealous we—

Explanation of  Verse 1
The verse begins with a reflection on personal growth and resilience. The speaker recognizes the challenges they’ve confronted, counting their mother’s penances and the savagery and difficulty of their environment. In spite of these troubles, they express a sense of assurance and pride in overcoming deterrents. The say of playing capture within the boulevards and seeing a friend’s rough passing paints a striking picture of the speaker’s childhood in a harsh neighborhood. They describe minutes of injury and misfortune but moreover highlight occurrences of dependability and survival, such as their companion beating a criminal charge without deceiving others. The verse too touches on topics of parenthood and responsibility, as the speaker recognizes their deficiencies as a partner and pledges to form alters. There’s a sense of appreciation for the quality and flexibility of their cherished ones, especially their infant mom, who holds things together in spite of the challenges they confront.

Pain, pain, pain, a little for some and a whole lot for others
Complete crushing for those who never understand in this society
Pain is a part of man, pain
Pain, endure you must, or be crushed
Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain

Explanation of  Outro
The outro delves deeper into the theme of pain and suffering.It proposes that torment is an unavoidable portion of the human encounter, but one that can either be persevered or lead to pulverization. The redundancy of the word “torment” emphasizes its ubiquity and the ought to stand up to it head-on. The outro seems to caution against ignoring or suppressing pain, as it can ultimately lead to crushing defeat if not addressed.

By and large, these verses offer a crude and reflective investigation of life’s hardships and the flexibility required to explore them. They recognize the complexities of adore, injury, and individual development whereas encouraging audience members to stand up to their torment instead of letting it devour them.

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