Forward from Trini-lYRICS by Nicki Minaj

Read the LYRICS Forward from Trini-lYRICS.Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Nicki Minaj, Skillibeng, Skeng, Sebastian Loers, Rowan Melhado, Emelio Lynch & Dave Kelly It Official Music Video Has been Release Dec. 8, 2023 And Present On The YouTube Channel And lyrics can be seen above here.

Forward from Trini-lYRICS by Nicki Minaj

Forward from Trini-lYRICS by Nicki Minaj

[Intro: Skillibeng]
(Bas Beats)
Yuh sih? (Fully dunce)

Explanation of Intro
The intro sets the tone for the song, with Skillibeng expressing confidence and possibly referencing someone as “fully dunce” (fully ignorant or foolish).

[Verse 1: Skillibeng]
Buk a gyal bad like Nicki and she
And she faawud from Trini and she
She, she small, broad and witty and she
Real brave, she nuh gwaan like pickney and she
Have a small pussy, small, slippery and she
Gwaan wicked when mi start dig it
And she start crawb mi skin and a gwaan like bitch
Gimme all style wid it, make mi waan wife it
She just a bounce pon mi buddy and she
Yeah, tear and scrape up mi buddy
You a make up yuh face, mi a tear up yuh tummy and she
Yuh pussy so great, mi haffi love it
Do yuh hair and yuh nails, yuh nuh fava nuh duppy

Explanation of Verse 1
Skillibeng describes a woman with qualities like those of Nicki Minaj, mentioning her origin from Trinidad, being small, broad, and witty. The lyrics become explicit, discussing intimate details and expressing admiration for the woman’s physical attributes.

[Chorus: Skillibeng & Nicki Minaj]
Cum inna yuh mouth, mek yuh chug it
She a smile and a seh mi tastе like a curry
Gun inna mi waist like a police
Shе love bad man
Waist like a police
G-Gun inna yuh waist like a police
She love, she love bad man
Waist like a police
I said di gun inna yuh waist like a
She love, she love bad man (Ayo)

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus includes a mix of explicit content and references to gun culture. There’s a mention of oral sex, comparisons to curry, and the use of a gun metaphorically. Nicki Minaj joins in, referencing various locations and expressing her own confidence.

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]
They gotta look to me for what’s next
Too busy tryin’ to chase my footsteps
Hit up my account and send mi go a shop
Why mi pussy good suh? Bombo-rassclaat
Mm, hard to get me
Hard fi left me
Hard to forget me
You get me? Now you get me
Where Trinidad, Jamaica pop shit
Guyana, Barbados inna yuh top shit
Bahamas, Saint Thomas, Turks and Caicos
Belize, Saint Kitts, Haiti and Lagos
O-O-Out in Cali, they love me, down in Bali, they love me
Out in Raleigh, they dumbin’, out in Maui, we comin’
Poppin’ out in Bengali, lookin’ just like a dolly
With a pretty Somali, then hit Malawi

Exlanation of Verse 2
Nicki Minaj takes over with a verse expressing her influence and popularity. She mentions various locations around the world where she is appreciated. The verse includes wordplay, references to her Caribbean heritage, and a boastful attitude.

[Verse 3: Skeng, Nicki Minaj]
She love gunman in action, yuh got dat?
And if yuh nah flip bat, yuh betta lock chat
She waan gangster fi kill her wid backshot
Gunman up inna yuh belly like hopscotch
Send it tight up in deh, yuh tink mi ramp up?
Barbz and dolly mi say, my name comes up
Violent, island girls, we get the thumbs up
Gunman ah beg you a fuck, mi talk straight up
Straight up, mi hail it, mi like all yuh nails too
Yuh shape good, yuh name good, gwaan wid yuh ways nuh
Yuh money fail yuh, mi deh yah suh fi save yuh
And mi nuh wear cape, have gun pon mi waist too

Exlanation of Verse 3
The verse continues with Skeng and Nicki Minaj discussing themes of violence, attraction to bad boys, and sexual desires. The lyrics include references to gun action, gangster lifestyle, and explicit content.

[Bridge: Skillibeng]
Buk a, buk a gyal bad like Nicki and she
And she faawud from Trini and she
She, she small, broad and witty and she
Real brave, she nuh gwaan like pickney and she

Exlanation of Bridge
The bridge repeats the admiration for a woman with qualities similar to Nicki Minaj, emphasizing her bravery and independence.

[Outro: Nicki Minaj]
Go papa, go papa, go papa, go papa
Go papa, go papa, go papa, go papa
Go papa, go papa, go papa, go papa
Go papa, go papa, go papa, go papa (Brr)

Exlanation of Outro
The outro features Nicki Minaj repeating a phrase, possibly adding an energetic and catchy conclusion to the song.
It’s important to note that the lyrics contain explicit language and themes, which may not be suitable for all audiences. The artists use a mix of Jamaican Patois and English, contributing to the unique style of dancehall and rap music.

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